AB ATTACK: The Perfect Ab Workout

absOften times do you find yourself doing the same old ab routine on the same old mat every same old day? Well let me tell you something… Unfortunately this routine is not only BORING, but it is doing you no more good than harm. If you were not aware of this already, doing the same routine for abdominal workouts, like any other workouts as well, will get you absolutely nowhere. We all know any sort of hindrance on working toward ab definition is that LAST thing we want on our quest to accomplish that dreamy six pack. We also know that unless our workout routine has a little spice to it, there is no way we are going to look forward to that-let’s be honestdreadful hour every day we spend breaking a sweat to look anything less then our absolute best.

In this perfect ab workout, AB ATTACK, you will be able to utilize various different exercises focusing on different areas of the abdominal section. With only about two to three different pieces of equipment, you will be able to complete many excellent abdominal workouts to leave your abs feeling plenty sore the next day! I’ve been doing different variations of these exercises for years and I can speak from personal experience and results that they actually WORK. Fancy that. A workout that WORKS!

        Time to begin…

STEP 1: before anything else, lets add some spice. Download that new groovy song you heard on the radio, or that “hip” song you heard one of your kids blasting the other day with friends. I know one of the best ways I get motivated to workout is my music. Make a perfect playlist of some sort with upbeat tunes that will get you pumped up and ready to rock!

Now that we have our motivation, lets gather our equipment. You will need any sort of exercise ball (preferably one of medium size), a dumbbell of 10 or 15 pounds, an elastic exercise band (resistance of your choice), and a mat (optional).

* Keep in mind before we begin this adventure into our perfect ab workout, AB ATTACK,  all exercises are subject to modification depending on your personal capabilities. I will pose a couple variations of each abdominal workout for you to pick and chose your level of difficulty. *

        Now lets get started…

The FIRST exercise of AB ATTACK focuses on perfectly tightening those lower abs. I call it the Ball Exchange. What you’re going to do is lay flat on your mat with the exercise ball in between your legs, approximately in between the calf to ankle region. Next, you simultaneously raise your upper and lower body while your arms are fully extended in the air. You’re going to grab the ball with your hands and SWITCH the exercise ball from your legs to your hands while bent in mid air. Slowly bring your body back to a flat position, with the exercise ball now in your hands above your head. Make sure you don’t rapidly come back to a flat position to ensure a sufficient workout from this exercise. Repeat this switch again from your hands back to your legs. Each time you go from legs, to hands, and back to legs, that counts as one full switch. Proceed to complete 6 full switches, resulting in 12 exchanges of the ball overall.

ball pass

The SECOND exercise of AB ATTACK targets the obliques. You will need either the 10 or 15 pound dumbbell for this one, depending on your preferred level of fitness. You are going to hold the dumbbell horizontally with both of your hands. Balance on your tailbone with your legs in a crouched position, while trying your best to keep a perfectly flat back. Rock to the side of your body and twist your legs so they are almost parallel to the ground. Hold the weight completely parallel to the floor though your body way be twisted. Bend your legs in and back out, almost to a fully extended leg stretch. Each bend in and out constitutes one set. Repeat about 15 sets on each side, right and left.

oblique workout

Our LAST exercise of our perfect ab workout, AB ATTACK, is our side leg rises with the elastic band. If this is your first time doing any sort of side planks, I recommend you opt out of using the elastic band. If you are familiar with balancing on your side, try throwing in an elastic band.  What you are going to do is place the band around your ankles and assume a regular plank position with your arms fully extended. Switch to the side with one arm balancing on the floor and one arm on your hip, legs both straight out and extended. You are going to lift your leg up and back down about 8-10 times. Repeat this exercise on both the left and right side.


*Keep in mind that throughout all of these workouts, have your music going to keep you motivated, on beat, and excited about your workout for the day. I promise you…. Silence versus no silence makes a HUGE difference.*

Now that we have completed all three major exercises, you have a few options… if you are completely wiped out, drenched in sweat, and ready to call it quits, go ahead and do so! If this is your first time doing any of these exercises, I recommend you only do one set of each exercise in this perfect ab workout. If you are ready for a challenge and feel you have a fight left in you, repeat the three exercises about two to three times.

CONGRATS! You have now completed your first round of AB ATTACK. You are now one step closer to those perfect abs, thanks to the perfect ab workout. Don’t forget once you finish your workout, to replenish your body and muscles with a healthy Visalus shake, frozen grapes, apples and almond butter, or any other nutritious option!

Until next time,


~ Happy working out!!

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