About Me

Hello, my name is Aymee, pronounced “I-May”

I live in Arizona with my family. I have a psychology degree from Arizona State University with a minor in computer sciences. I am a blogger, a writer, and I swim and fish :-). I also enjoy photography, and anything “creative” like web design. I love online marketing and have a separate business as a blog designer and business consultant. You can check out that blog at http://www.AymeeBuckhannon.com

I am also a published author and you can find my book on Amazon. It is called ‘The Awesome Factor: An Inspiring Guide for Embracing Your Greatness and Pursuing Your Dream Business’. It is a short read and I made it available on Kindle as well.

I am passionate about this industry because it has allowed me to explore my marketing and creative side while building an income stream on the side. I have met so many wonderful people along the way too. I am not a party type person, so building this online has been my method of operation, and it has worked out very well. I worked in Corporate America for many years and hands down THIS is a much better lifestyle fit for me!

I originally was attracted to Visalus because of its 90 Day Challenge Fitness program. I liked the short time measurable goal (10 lbs at a time), how attainable that is and how affordable the products can be when used correctly. But primarily, I really wanted a business that would allow me the flexibility to work online and apply my creativity my own way.

I’m glad you stopped by my site and read this far. I appreciate your time and I am here to answer any questions about our 90 Day Challenge (weight management program) or about becoming a Visalus distributor.

Buckhannon Family