Adding FoodMatters SuperFood Protein Blend To Your Daily Routine

Food Matters Superfood protein blendFood Matters SuperFood protein blend is a brand new product that just launched (October 2013). Reluctantly, I ordered ONE jar of the mix to see what it would taste like. As much as I love eating clean and healthy, the “rawer” it gets the YUCKIER! Seriously. So, with this new SuperFood Protein Mix by FoodMatters I wanted to get first dibs AND my personal take on it.

Food Matters Superfood Protein Blend Review

The Result? HOLY TASTY BATMAN!! I really was pleasantly surprised with how great this tasted. I blended it in my regular shake and I also used it with my plain yogurt. VERY good!

Food Matters SuperFood protein blend has the following ingredients and it is certified organic, gluten free, and vegan: 

1- Hemp Seeds: hemp seeds are one of the most nutritionally well-balanced plant foods on this earth. Benefits of hemp seeds include: slow release energy source, stimulates the metabolism, boosts the immune system, aids in muscle repair, increases brain function and reduces memory loss and it is an anti-inflammatory.

2- Whole Coconut Powder: coconuts are one of the most amazing food sources when kept in their whole natural form. Benefits of whole coconut powder include: assist with weight loss, slow release energy source, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and antifungal, boosts cellular healing, promotes healthy hair, skin, nails, rich source of antioxidants, stabilizes blood sugar levels.

3- Chia Seeds: the humble chia seeds is a powerhouse of nutrition all packed into one tiny little shell. If you are looking to boost your nutritional intake, then this is one amazing superfood to add to your diet. Benefits of chia seeds include: Regulates blood sugar levels, rich in antioxidants, helps draw toxins out of the digestive tract, anti-inflammatory properties, assists in weight loss, helps reduce blood pressure, helps improve brain function.

4- Mesquite, lucuma, vanilla and cinnamon: This vitamin and mineral rich blend of ingredients adds incredible flavor, sweetness and complexity, while maintaining a low glycemic rating!

I truly enjoyed this new Food matters Superfood protein mix.

Note that as a meal replacement, the cost would be a bit high (as you would need to add 5 TBS), but if used as a supplement (2 TBS  a day), you can add your mix to your regular smoothie or shake routine and you will have enough for 30 days with just one canister. I am not an affiliate of Food Matters, I am simply sharing their product as I found it a fantastic find and full of goodness.




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