Apple Egg Salad Sandwich

So I didn’t have anything “red” to add to my egg salad mix and the tomatoes I had didn’t feel like a good fit. So, I went for an apple. Why not? This was the best apple egg salad EVER. I did leave out the pickles I originally was going to add in there. You are welcome. Here is the recipe for this goodness:

Ingredients (organic is optional plus very easy to make this gluten free):

1/3 medium organic cold gala apple
2 boiled organic organic eggs
1/4 organic celery stick
1 organic green onion
1 T not-so-organic mayo (this is the only ingredient that can make this not so healthy, so choose brand wisely. However 1 T won’t be so bad for you, just make sure you measure it!)
1 slice of 12 grain organic bread (or any healthy looking bread of choice :-)). You could also serve over salad.
Sea salt to taste

PS: A very easy recipe to prepare gluten free (see your bread and mayo ingredients).


In a bowl mash up the eggs with a fork and set aside. Dice up all ingredients to tiny bite size pieces and add to the egg mixture and stir together. Season to taste. Toast bread. Spoon mix over bread slice, save the rest for another snack later.

apple egg salad sandwich

Photography by Aymee Buckhannon. All rights reserved.

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