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Boby By Vi reviewBody by Vi Review:

An in depth review of the Body by Vi product (what’s in it?), the program (does it work?), and how it compares other programs (is it better?).

In an effort to give you a fair Body by Vi review, it is important that you know that I speak from a personal experience and for those whom I PERSONALLY know whom have had the same or similar results. My Body by Vi review also includes scientific board research results to back up my data.

A Body by Vi review would also not be complete without a comparison to other programs of the same concept, so I will include that information as well.

Body by Vi review: chocolate peanut butter caramel shakeBody by Vi review: the product

The flagship product of Visalus and also the main component of the Body by Vi program is the Vi-Shape shake. The ingredients of the shake make it a 99% natural product. What makes the 1% “un-natural”? Primarily, the sucralose, which is a point of contention for some people. I mention this in my Body by Vi review to make sure you get all the details and not just want people want to tell you to sell you something. I strongly believe that when decisions are made with all the facts I mind, the customer experience is better, longer lasting and more rewarding.

There are a lot of controversial points about sucralose, and this post will not attempt to take one side nor the other. I simply want to propose MY opinion on the matter and move forward.

First, sucralose is diabetic friendly. The product has been approved in over 80 countries for safe consumption (more countries than any other artificial sweetener), and most importantly, the amount of sucralose included in the shakes would require you to drink 2 shakes a day for approximately 2 weeks to equal the amount of sucralose in ONE packet of sucralose found over the counter at coffee shops. I use one packet of sucralose in my coffee every day, so to me, this ingredient was not a show-stopper.

Body by vi review: sucralose
sucralose 3d composition

Sucralose is derived from natural cane sugar through a multistep manufacturing process that selectively removes hydrogen-oxygen groups from the sugar molecule and replaces them with chlorine atoms. Chlorine is a naturally occurring substance that is found in vegetation and even table salt. Current scientific data supports that sucralose is safe and does not affect insulin levels. The use of sucralose is well documented in numerous scientific studies conducted over a 20-year period. It is approved and deemed appropriate for consumption by all consumers by such health authorities as the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Here is my most significant Body by Vi review piece about sucralose that I want to include in this Body by Vi review: Look around you. Obesity is a predominant ‘body type’. People are still coming in and out of McDonalds even for breakfast and eating all kinds of un-healthy food. For those aiming at weight loss, the sucralose in the shakes should not be what deters them from using this exceptional product. At least I find that extremely ridiculous. I’ve had people sipping on a diet coke questioning the “artificial sweetener” in the shakes.

It’s not that much, it’s not so bad and it’s MUCH better than whatever else got you to where you are to begin with.

Body by Vi reviewBody by Vi review: The Body By Vi program

This Body by Vi review wouldn’t be complete without including a review of the body by vi program. The program is what Body by Vi calls “The 90 day challenge”. Does it work?

Well, I am going to say that it really DEPENDS on how to approach it. Some people buy the Body by Vi shakes and start taking them without paying any attention to what else they are eating. They simply ADD THEM to their routine. THIS DOESN’T WORK. Within about a week they gain weight. WHY? Because the shakes are not a magic potion that reverts what you are doing. The shakes are a REPLACEMENT of the bad food you are eating so that your body is properly fed the nutrients it needs to do its thing (function and metabolize).

The purpose of the 90 day program is that you get into a different style of eating and if you can stick to that for 90 days, you will see SIGNIFICANT results and hopefully stick to your new healthier program.

In a nutshell, the Body by Vi shakes should replace about 400 calories of food per day by taking 2 a day. The rest of the calories you should consume IN FOOD should equal about 1400 for women and 1900 for men (approximately… check for your personal number). Also, those calories should come from nutrient dense food: a 240-calorie candy bar does NOT equal a 240 calories chicken meal. Calorie numbers comes from nutrients in the food.

Nutrient dense foods + Body By Vi shakes = healthy weight loss!

So for my Body by Vi review I would say that YES, the Body by Vi program works if the program is followed with a healthy set of complementary foods AND done consistently for the 90 days. Most people actually see results within about a week!

body by vi reviewBody by Vi review: Other programs

I know this is the section where everyone expects me to bash other programs and claim in my Body by Vi review that Visalus is the best or the only one that works. Well, here are my two cents on that… Clearly, people have been losing weight (in a healthy manner) with other programs before Body by Vi came along. I think there are many other programs that work just as well as Body by Vi does. What you, as a consumer, need to figure out is which would work best FOR YOU!

Are you willing to up your exercise to 5-7 days a week? If so, then, of course just about ANY healthy program would work LOL. Truth is, most are lucky to get 3 days into their routine! Or none at all!!!! <– The Body by Vi program WORKS even without exercise (although we recommend regular exercising as part of a healthy lifestyle routine, of course)

Some people cannot drink something that tastes bad. Many protein drinks are chalky and simply taste horrendous. Do they work? I am sure. But nothing works if you can’t consume it!! LOL. The Body by Vi shakes taste delicious and can be made into fruit smoothies and all kinds of other delectable drinks.

Here is another item to consider: Are you deathly allergic to SOY or DAIRY? Although our soy is non-gmo (which means the isoflavones are removed, which is what most have a reaction to), and our dairy is lactose free…. These are things to consider with your Doctor before starting the program. So, in this case, maybe another program would fit best for you. Depends on your sensitivity to these things.

Is sugar important to you? If you are diabetic, sugar may be a factor when selecting your shakes. Body by Vi shakes are diabetic friendly. In my Body by Vi review product section above I talk about our shakes containing sucralose. Lots of other companies include sucralose in their weight loss products simply because it is the safest and most widely approved articifial sweetener. Vemma, Evolv, etc… also uses sucralose.

If you are so against sucralose that cannot consider this as an ingredient and you are so strict with your food selection that everything must me 100% natural, then you might consider exercising more (although I bet weight loss is not a focus for you), or even just sacrifice the other healthy ingredients in the Vi-Shape for another program.

See, it’s just a matter of what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals that matters. The Vi-Shape in the Body By Vi program is low in carbs, sodium, sugar, its 99% natural and comes with a proprietary protein blend that helps your body metabolize fat faster than other regular protein. It is non-gmo, kosher, glutten free and safe for consumption for children 5 and older.

To conclude my Body by Vi review on this comparison I’d like to attach a chart that includes the contents of other leading brands. This will hopefully help you with your choices.

Body by Vi review resources:

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Thank you for reading my Body by Vi review.

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