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Body by Vi Review from a tiny bit biased but straight forward perspective. I was a little hesitant to write this Body by Vi review because as a current Visalus distributor I figured it would be too biased for anyone to really care enough to read it thru. However, I believe that if you will give me the benefit of the doubt, you might actually find my Body by Vi review helpful if you are considering joining as a Visalus promoter or customer.

So here is my Body by Vi review: Back in 2010 when I originally joined Visalus as a promoter I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was going to be a bunch or rah-rah hoopla and then a bust. This feeling took over me. So much so that I literally lost interest pretty quickly afraid to throw myself into something that I wasn’t 100% convinced about. I even submerged myself into reading Visalus reviews too on the internet, just to get the scoop. and trust me, there is negative information on the internet about EVERYTHING… even about sweet babies! LOL.

So, instead of “sharing the challenge with people 1:1, I decided to build a blog (not this one, but a different one) and see how it would do with conversions based on people wanting the shakes.

My Visalus Body by Vi review stems from those blog results to date. After receiving my product for FREE for almost a full year (via the refer 3 get it free referral program), I decided BY GOLLY, it’s time to pay attention to this. People are having real results! (So, so much for missed opportunities!! UGH)

(Note: building a blog doesn’t automatically get your visitors. Writing a Visalus Body by Vi review doesn’t either, by the way, unless you are positioned for that keyword. There are many optimization techniques that must be applied to rank in search engines and such. I mention this so to not deceive anyone into thinking “if you build it they will come”…)

But I still wasn’t convinced about Visalus and so my Visalus Body by Vi review saga continues. So, people were buying the shakes. Who cares? People buy weight loss products all the time. I mean, do a google search for weight loss to get an idea of all the RIDICULOUS products out there THAT PEOPLE STILL BUY! It’s crazy! Creams? Really???

I had been talking with my friend “Sally” (I changed her name) and she had on several occasions refused to buy the product because of the Sucralose. I truly valued Sally’s opinion on this as she is married to a very successful Dr and has some background in the subject. The sucralose started to throw me off a bit too. If you are a super strict naturalist then this product may not be for you simply because of the Sucralose. And that’s ok.

HOWEVER, let me tell you something… look around you… do you think that people are even paying attention at what they are eating? Do you really think that Sucralose is the problem? I now find it almost insulting for a person who is obese to even MENTION the Sucralose to me. GIVE ME A BREAK! Trust me, Sucralose, particularly in the minuscule amount that is included in the shakes is the LEAST of your concerns in terms of healthy eating.

To me it’s like refusing to give a starving kid in Ethiopia a bowl of white rice because of the refined flour in it! Extreme comparison but it drives my point accross.

For someone who is over-weight and would like to make a change to their lifestyle, the Sucralose in the Visalus shakes is just a non-issue, at least until they have the over eating habits under control. The bigger problem is the eating routine people get into (emotional eating, self punishment, uncontrolled cravings, etc…). If I can get someone to incorporate these shakes into the daily routine even ONCE A day and actually make a dent in their lifestyle changes for the better THEN and ONLY THEN I think the Sucralose in the Body by Vi shakes can be even a topic of discussion. I say, baby steps. Meet people half way! (BTW, you have to drink like 94 shakes to equal the amount of Sucralose in ONE yellow packet! I put one packet in my coffee every day!)

So, on with my Visalus Body by Vi review…The other concern people have about the shakes, which is also a non-issue (come to find out) is the SOY. Soy is actually good for many things (this is according the American Medical Journal), including your heart (in balanced proportions). The soy in the shakes is non-GMO Soy, therefore, the actual ingredient that people even WORRY about in Soy… which is the isoflavones, have been removed! And again, unless you are allergic to soy, the shakes should not be a concern. I have a hypothryroid and have been taking these shakes for over a year without any issues. I have my T3/T4 checked twice a year.

All that said, it is important to note that those two items above are about the only two product related ingredient questions we get the most, and if you cannot make yourself educated enough to stand by the reasons why it is ok to include these in your diet, then it may be difficult for you to get past those should you become a distributor. I honestly had a hard time with the Sucralose at first, but not anymore. My friend Sally is actually now a distributor!!! The life changing impacts these Visalus shakes are having on people is far too much of a benefit to ignore because of the Sucralose in the shakes. 

Another point I want to cover in this Visalus Body by Vi review is in reference to the Visalus distributorship: Well, here is my little rant… the Visalus compensation plan, although completely available online and perfectly laid out for everyone… is just way confusing!

Took me FOREVER to even understand some of the higher rank concepts and the way we get paid on customer product sales. So, if you can live with some “uncertainty” in your Visalus business as far as not knowing “to the penny” what you are gonna make, then you will do fine. It is a very generous pay plan. I have been in the industry for many many years and this one has paid me the most by far for about the same behaviors… customer and distributor acquisition.

(PS: this isn’t to say that no one knows! Maybe you will be an expert! LOL. I just found this part the most challenging (no pun) to grasp and since I am trying to give an honest Visalus review, I wanted to included that feedback)

Another crazy thing to include in my Visalus Body by Vi review is that the back office could surely use a functionality lift.

It is practically a nightmare to find out what you need to accomplish as far as volume to reach the next rank without some heavy duty calculations. Even those will be wrong if you ignore ROLLOVER volume. This is when a rep gets to keep his/her volume when they enrolled after the 15th. It is great for them, and a great beneficial perk of building a business later in the month, but when it comes to calculating ranks… HOLY MOLLY… nearly impossible for the average gal or guy. I used to work for this other company whose back office was a distributor’s dream!

You could at first glance see your current rank, exactly what you needed to reach any other rank you wished to pursue broken down by leg volume and activity. And they even added little green check mark every time you met any of those requirements along the way. Talk about goals and forecasting! That’s all I miss about that company. It’d be awesome if we had that functionality! Just sayin. And how knows, maybe we will soon!

All that said (again)… I reached the Regional Rank in Visalus (once I started to “pay attention”) within 2 1/2 months. Then National Director, and now on track for Presidential. I am confident the product is a very good, healthy product that is proven to do what is says it will do. And as far as getting paid… well I pretty much stick to the behaviors of: build directors, promote regional directors, share the health challenge with customers… teach others to do the same, then rinse and repeat thru your organization. Learn then teach.

So if you are struggling with a decision to join Visalus because of any of the points I mentioned,  I completely understand. I struggled myself. However, I kick myself every day for not paying attention from the get-go though. There is absolutely no risk here. 30 day money back guarantee, when you refer 3 your product is free and if you become a Visalus distributor and you decide its not for you…then stop being one.

There are no time frame contracts. All you have to lose is weight right? That’s not so bad. This isn’t a “life changing-need a loan from the bank investment”. We are talking about $160-$600 tops out the door (depending on your income goals).

So to wrap up this Visalus Body by Vi review here, my suggestion is that you join an ACTIVE team because Visalus is FOR SURE a business you want to build in large numbers. As of today I have 277 distributors in my organization, it grows roughly 20% each month. I will help those who work their business and no one gets left behind. I am part of one of the fastest growing teams in the company and our private Facebook community for our team members only INCLUDES Blake Mullen (Visalus co-founder), simply because he wanted to study the secret to our group’s success….which I tell you is…COMMUNITY.

So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading my (maybe a tad biased) Visalus Body by Vi review.

For other Body by Vi reviews you can click this link: Visalus Body by Vi review to perform a search on Google. There will always be a negative review about EVERYTHING on the internet. Go with the numbers and the results!

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