Body by Vi Scam: What you need to know

Body by Vi Scam… Is it!?Body by Vi Scam

The Body by Vi Scam is discussed often on many forums and social media groups. Pretty much anything that gains visibility and a following in the market place, quickly becomes the focus of attention from those who want to discredit it.

However, are all these Body by Vi Challenge scam claims and news articles an attempt to discredit the program or simply a way to attract viewers to the challenge?

The answer is: it depends on who is writing the Body by Vi scam article. I would challenge you to read thru 10 random articles that mention Body by Vi scam or body by vi challenge scam as their focus and count how many are actually agreeing that it is a scam versus those who are visalus distributors who KNOW that in general, people love to read negative news and those keywords will attract traffic!

My point here is that just because you stumbled across the word “Body by Vi scam” in the same sentence does NOT mean it is actually a scam you should watch out for. In most cases, it is just a way to get you to read about the company!!!

Why?? Because the word scam gets attention the same way that a traffic accident does.

But, if you put all that marketing strategy aside, and focus on the real way to review a company (versus people’s opinions only), then the numbers and results will speak for themselves. Visalus has a dedicated website that addresses all aspects of the business, including numbers and news articles. It is called

Do I think that the “Body by Vi Challenge scam” is actually a term that should be used because it IS a scam? Of course not! It is based on a product that has had significant and DOCUMENTED results on thousands of people. The Body by Vi shakes are even being prescribed by doctors against obesity and problems with weight. (Check your insurance).

I do hear Body by Vi Challenge scam or Body by vi 90 Day Challenge scam being thrown around as well. This refers to the actual Challenge. Basically, the 90 day challenge is simply a strategy to encourage folks to commit to the program for more than a week.

Seems like many people start and stop diets very quickly with zero success. This is because it will NEVER stick unless it becomes a complete lifestyle change. That is why we encourage and promote a 90 day challenge. If you can do something good for yourself for 90 days, chances are, you will stick with it and adjust your eating habits in general to maintain your results.

Most people will notice results in as little as a week, however, it will take 90 days to experience significant results. The “body by vi challenge scam”, as some refer to it, is actually nothing more than a way to encourage consistency and commitment to change. There is no 90 day contract or obligation of any kind. Product is purchased monthly and can easily be edited or canceled online at anytime.

So the next time you hear the words “body by vi scam”, “body by vi challenge scam”, “body by vi 90 day challenge scam” or actually “[fill in the blank] scam”, remember that for the most part the writers are just people trying to get your attention, folks who didn’t have success with the program because they didn’t stick with it, or Visalus distributors like myself who want you to really read the details before making a decision NOT to buy a product that works so well, or worse, people who NEVER EVEN TRIED IT and are just trying to use those very valuable keywords to get your attention on to THEIR product.

Read real details at then come back and get your Body by Vi shakes here

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