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Vi Crunch Cereal New Visalus Product

The moment the entire Visalus community has been anxiously waiting for, what will the new Visalus products be??? Vi CRUNCH CEREAL! But don’t be fooled by the looks. Although it looks like cereal and it tastes DELICIOUS. Vi Crunch is actually a new delivery method for our already insanely effective VI-SHAKE. We call it SHAKE

Dr’s Dustin and & Michelle Craft Discuss Visalus

Do Doctors recommend Visalus Every day promoters throughout North America and now in the UK rave about the amazing health benefits that they and their customers are experiencing while being on the challege. Even customers, who have no profit margin interest at heart, share and rave about the products and the changes they have been


VI (UK) ENROLLMENT Vi UK is opening in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland). This is an exciting expansion for the company which just managed to break a record in network marketing HISTORY by reaching 1 BILLION dollars in sales in the shortest amount of time EVER in JUST North America. Now we

My Cardio, abs and arms exercise routine

My new obsession: medicine ball work outs! I’ve been looking for an exercise routine that doesn’t kick my butt, yet gives me results using a medicine ball. I have one medicine ball exercise routine below and as I discover other “doable” exercises, I will add them as other posts. Let’s have some fun this year!