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Which Vi Products Should I Order To Lose 10-20lbs?

Which Vi Products Should I Order To Lose 10-20lbs?

Truly a loaded question which deserves a loaded answer :-). I have actually created MY OWN challenge kit EXACTLY for this particular goal variance. *Obviously I can’t guarantee how much you will personally lose because I don’t know what level of exercise you are committed to or what you are going to end up eating

Will I Have To Drink Visalus Shakes FOREVER To Keep My Weight Off?

I bet you’ve wondered if you have to drink visalus shakes forever so your weight doesn’t come back, haven’t you? I have had people tell me they don’t want to be on shakes forever and that’s why they don’t want to even START. WUT? Well, guess what? I don’t want to “have to” only drink

Adding FoodMatters SuperFood Protein Blend To Your Daily Routine

Food Matters SuperFood protein blend is a brand new product that just launched (October 2013). Reluctantly, I ordered ONE jar of the mix to see what it would taste like. As much as I love eating clean and healthy, the “rawer” it gets the YUCKIER! Seriously. So, with this new SuperFood Protein Mix by FoodMatters

Dr’s Dustin and & Michelle Craft Discuss Visalus

Do Doctors recommend Visalus Every day promoters throughout North America and now in the UK rave about the amazing health benefits that they and their customers are experiencing while being on the challege. Even customers, who have no profit margin interest at heart, share and rave about the products and the changes they have been