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Pineapple and Greens Visalus Shake Recipe

Here is a little healthy twist to my regular shake choices. I am really happy with it. My husband and I started down the road of a more vegetable based diet. After watching several documentaries, and doing some research, well, we decided to give it a go to see what differences we find in our

Effective Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful and a super fit body. Most people are well aware that through a combination of proper diet control and exercise, it can be achieved. Unfortunately, many people are seeking quick fix solutions in their quest for ways to lose weight. However, sustainable and successful weight loss requires determination, persistence

Delicious and Nutritional ViSalus Ingredients

The ViSalus line of products have proven to be not only nutritious and healthy, but very safe for both adults and older children. For anyone that has had any doubts or concerns regarding ViSalus ingredients, those fears should be put to rest immediately. When followed correctly, the ViSalus system is designed to help anyone lose