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Vi Resolutions

The buzz is building! Come Jan 2013, the #1 Weight Loss & Fitness Challenge in North America… is going to a whole new level! Perfect timing… Did you know the average person gains close to 10 pounds over the holidays? With holiday goodies in our stomachs and New Year’s Resolutions on our minds, NOW is the time

Visalus and Biggest Loser Information

Visalus and The Biggest Loser to produce an online show together! Biggest Loser co-creator, Ben Silverman, and Visalus will co-produce an online show to showcase the 90 Day Challenge story of Visalus challengers. YOUR own 90 Day Challenge story could be featured on the co-produced show and even shown on TV. Visalus and The Biggest

Visalus Flashmobs Nationwide

Today members of Visalus throughout the USA and Canada organized a simultaneous flashmob at 12pm PST that broke the record for the world’s largest flashmob! This was organized to give awareness to obesity and promote a heath challenge. There are hundreds of videos being uploaded by each “mob boss” as we speak to a central

Visalus In the News

And the numbers are in… Visalus sales went from $34million to $231 million in 2011. Outstanding! You know, people in Visalus in their excitement about the program just rave about their results and other people’s results but it’s hard now a days not to be skeptical. After all, there are so many diets out there

Visalus The Challenge Magazine Hits Newstands!

Visalus “The Challenge” fitness magazine hits the stands in January 2012, and with that we dive right into 2012 with a very promising year! Visalus 90 Day Challenge was the fastest growing program in the market in 2011. The company literally gave away 10 MILLION dollars in prizes and awards in 2011 alone. What’s in