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Comprehensive ViSalus Shake Review

The Body by Vi Challenge and ViSalus shakes have been taking the weight-loss industry by storm recently. Even those that normally would not advocate meal replacement shakes are finding this is one of the more effective programs promoting fitness and health. Most ViSalus reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and the company behind these products continues

Zero in on ViSalus Complaints

In today’s economy in which many salaries have been reduced and jobs are more scarce, many people are starting home businesses to try and get ahead. ViSalus Sciences offers a comprehensive marketing plan to help independent contractors attain their financial goals. The quality products and program along with company support make this an ideal opportunity.

Body By Vi Review

Body by Vi Review: An in depth review of the Body by Vi product (what’s in it?), the program (does it work?), and how it compares other programs (is it better?). In an effort to give you a fair Body by Vi review, it is important that you know that I speak from a personal

Visalus Sciences Review

Visalus Sciences Review What has made Visalus Sciences so popular? Visalus Sciences is the name of the company that most people now recognize as the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. The challenge is simply the name of its leading health, weight loss and fitness program. Visalus Sciences has been around since 2005 and was

Body by Vi Scam: What you need to know

Body by Vi Scam… Is it!? The Body by Vi Scam is discussed often on many forums and social media groups. Pretty much anything that gains visibility and a following in the market place, quickly becomes the focus of attention from those who want to discredit it. However, are all these Body by Vi Challenge scam

Body By Vi Review

Body by Vi Review from a tiny bit biased but straight forward perspective. I was a little hesitant to write this Body by Vi review because as a current Visalus distributor I figured it would be too biased for anyone to really care enough to read it thru. However, I believe that if you will give

How Does Visalus Shake Compare To Other Shakes

Ever wonder what really is SOOO different between all these meal replacement shakes? Well, today, let’s get to it! Here is a comparison chart you can glance at (or download below) that compares Visalus shake ingredients to Herbalife Formula 1, Shaklee Cinch (whey), Monavie RVL, Pharmanex Body, Melaleuca Proflex 20, Isagenix Isalean (kosher), Zrii Nutriveda,

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