Day 10 Visalus Project 10: More Than 1/2 Way To Goal

I bet you are wondering how I am doing on my Project 10 Challenge right?

Day 10 Stats: 128.5 lbs! WHAT??? Down SIX lbs baby! Now keep in mind that these are my HARDEST last 10 lbs to go. This is where the rubber meets the road for me! I am also gifted with a hypothyroid (thank you universe) which makes my metabolism pruuuuttty SLOW. But, I got this. Totally committed to completing this Project 10 challenge. It truly is for everybody and every body. I have a friend doing this with me working to PUT ON 10lbs of lean muscle. It all depends how you use the shake in combination with your food and exercise.

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What I’m eating: Basically I have been sticking to salads, chicken and fish. And of course the two shakes a day. I also like eating plain yogurt (2%) with frozen berries. To be honest the biggest TWO things that I have eliminated have been bread and sugar (although I did have a subway veggie sub the other day). I keep my food to roughly 1200-1400 a day and eat a variety of veggies but NOT a ton of fruit. I add fruit maybe 3 times a week to my shakes and I try to stick to the berry family and 1/2 bananas (frozen).

On that note, I am picking up some cupcakes I ordered this afternoon from a friend who just opened her baking business. AGH, that’s gonna be tough BUT they are actually tiny ones so I am going to let myself have ONE so I don’t agonize over them. I will focus on the photoshoot (for the cupcakes) and then hope for the best! Wish me luck!

Shake(s) I have mixed this week:  Vi Cinnabon Shake (yum! – below), mostly plain shakes with a dash of cinnamon or a dash of organic cocoa. I drink most my shakes on the go so a blender bottle suffices. But in the evenings I get a little fancier with the blender. Word of caution though, don’t overdo the fruit. Try to use just 1/4 or 1/2 med banana for added consistency, stick to berries (blue, raspberry, strawberry), or skip fruit altogether. You can add different flavors too by using extracts! Trust me on this one. The BIGGEST mistake people make is going crazy with the fruit smoothies so take it easy, space out the fruit, use less or save those for a special occasion.

Here is a good one to try, I will blend it tonight and post the pic on the fanpage: Avocado Vi Shake (8oz almond milk, 2 scoops vi shape, 1/2 avocado and a little bit of honey. Healthy fats and protein without the fruit :-)

Vi Cinnabon Smoothie Recipe


My exercise: Maintaining my 10k STEPS a day with 30-40 minutes of focused exercise (treadmill fast pace or 1 mile runs). Really when it comes to exercise, just do it on purpose. 30 minutes is all you need. Just keep things moving in there, muscles loosen up so they can get LEAN and your heart gets pumping. No need to run like you are training for a marathon just challenge yourself above your normal level and you will be FINE! Trust me here, I don’t break my back on these.

How I am feeling: 6lbs baby! I am feeling AWESOME. Broke out a skirt I have not worn in about a year and felt great to sport that around. Ready to rock this out!

Cheated with: Been good the last few days. Have enjoyed 1-2 glasses of red wine, other than that, I can’t think of any significant blunders. Yay me!

General notes: I you have not yet watched my Visalus Project 10 video, go check it out so you can see what I am up to with these progress updates.

Til the next update!

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If you are ready and want/need to lose 10 lbs or more, what are you waiting for??? Just 10 lbs is all you gotta do to get some BELIEF that YOU CAN DO THIS. You can start anytime. I started on a Tuesday.


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