Day 4 Visalus Project 10: Down 4 lbs!??

Day 4 Stats: 130.6 lbs!!! That is down 4 lbs from my starting weight (134.5) WHAT WHAAAAAAT!  And ok, yes, if you are following my updates then you know I cheated and got on the scale early. I was going to wait until tomorrow, Saturday, but I felt sooooo liiiiiight!!!!

Quick question: When you get on the scale, do you VERY SLOWLY and feather like get on one foot at a time and hope part of you levitates, at least momentarily? Oh yeah me neither.

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What I ate: Visalus Pancakes during my morning conference call for breakfast, a very chocolate shake with super food powder mix for lunch, an apple as a snack, a chicken salad, 3/4 cup plain yogurt with 1 scoop vi, strawberries & granola, another salad but this time with 1/2 an avocado mixed in and loaded with veggies (but couldn’t finish it, so full!). In the evening I enjoyed some white wine. Not my fave, but I didn’t have any red available. As a matter of fact, funny story: I drank the white wine we had saved for my mother in law from Caducious Winery.  My husband didn’t think that was funny at all. So Linda, if you are reading this, I promise I will get you a replacement ASAP. Oooops.

Shake(s) of the day: Super chocolate smoothie (again) and yogurt Vi-shake. I gotta say I don’t vary my shakes toooo much. Usually I am in a hurry out the door and just through everything in my shaker bottle and drink it in my car. If I am home for dinner, that’s when I try to blend in more ingredients in the shake to add more calories and nutrition to it. I should have some blended recipes to share over the weekend :-)

Visalus Yogurt Recipe


The extent of my exercise: 9,000 steps. No treadmill, my husband was using it when I was in the mood. But that’s OK, I get my walking around in consistently.

How I am feeling: Pretty excited actually, 4 lbs is 4 lbs. I am particularly thankful the universe hasn’t required streneous exercise yet. But I won’t count my blessings yet, the last 5 lbs will require some effort and those abs ain’t gonna show themselves so, I am gonna need to get on the ball soon.

Cheated with: I was good. Didn’t cheat AT ALL. I almost had a Visalus Nutra cookie, which wouldn’t technically be cheating but they DO have sugar so I I only eat them if I am desperate and must have a snack.

General notes: I you have not yet watched my Visalus Project 10 video, go check it out so you can see what I am up to with these progress updates. I shall return with more progress info over the weekend. Those are always tough, but it’s interesting that knowing I am doing this challenge REALLY helps me make better decisions. It makes me feel accountable to my goal. And that’s really awesome!

Oh and I haven’t forgotten about pics. I have BEFORE pics done, they just don’t look as great without an AFTER (better) snap LOL. As soon as I get to my goal I will post both, I promise! :-)

Til the next update!

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For reals, you have GOT to at least try this for yourself! If you are excited and want/need to lose 10 lbs or more, what are you waiting for??? Just 10 lbs is all you gotta do to get some BELIEF that YOU CAN DO THIS. It doesn’t need to the “the 1st” of a “Monday”, come on! You can start anytime. I started on a Tuesday (I know!). And don’t tell too many people but if you are just one of those autoship skeptics (even though ours is completely flexible), that’s ok, I can hook you up with a one time order so you start without ANY pressure (just email me for details).


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