Day 6: Three Important FIRST Steps Before Starting On Project 10

Today I will summarize the last couple of days on the Visalus Project 10 Challenge. I have some insights I want to share with you all that may help YOU get started, stay committed or re-set your own health challenge.

1- It is so very important to come up with the following THREE things BEFORE you get started on your Visalus Project 10 Challenge:

SET A GOAL: (lose 10, 15, 20 or gain 10, 15 lean muscle? Where are you AT NOW and where will you be AT when completed? Whatever that is RECORD IT TO MEMORY (or better yet, to your challenge timeline on your back office). It must be something tangible and realisitc, versus “Lose some weight, or get skinny, or bulk up”. Get a CLEAR number of what SUCCESS will look like to you so you have something to keep working towards. If not, you will come up with all kinds of excuses when the going gets rough and you will want to quit. I know this from experience of doing this WITH and WITHOUT a set goal. A goal=a number (for now).

FIND ACCOUNTABILITY: Telling your own self is not enough. It’s a great step (see next important step below) but this alone won’t keep you moving forward. You need to tell someone or some other people so that they hold you accountable! Now, this doesn’t mean you enlist a bunch of people to yell at you like drill sergeants. No, what I mean is telling the RIGHT people to whom you want to internally SHOW you can do this. I posted mine on my PERSONAL timeline. Totally out of comfort zone for me, but now I have to stick to it. Lots of eye balls on it now. Of course, no one is gonna yell at me if I venture off, but “I” now need to come through on this. This motivates me to reach my goal and post my “I Lost It” results once I reach my first 10 lbs lost!

Clear sign you won’t stick to it: You are afraid to tell anyone in case you fail. This only means you’ve failed before you even started. GO TELL SOMEONE you are doing this. 

DETERMINE YOUR WHY: I know this sounds cliche but it is so true that none of the above can actually stand on their own. You need all three this one included. WHY do you want to do this for yourself? This why needs to have a result or NOT doing it. One that hurts more NOT to do it than actually sticking to it. You know what I mean? And it doesn’t have to be earth shattering either, or literally “painful” but a strong enough reason that when you want to give up, you can think back on (why am I doing this again?) and you can confidently tell yourself: oh yeah, I am NOW diabetic because of my weight and this will get me off my meds, or oh yeah high school reunion, oh yeah I am getting married in 2 months, or oh yeah I no longer fit into any of my last summer shorts. WHATEVER gets you HUNGRY (no pun) to lose those first 10 lbs, that’s what you cling to.

2- If you are on TWO shakes a day (plus meals) and doing this right, you WILL have extra energy

Take advantage of this beautiful new gift to try new things. In order for change to occur, something has to change in your DAILY routine. One thing that changed is the new healthier food choices. Now, with new energy, try a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. Or if you have a membership collecting dust, hit the gym, jump on a treadmill and set it for 30 minutes on a pace you can sustain for the duration and don’t get off til it says 100% complete. You don’t have to run! Just walk a little faster than you normally walk around the house and not so much like if someone was chasing you.

3- It doesn’t have to always be a shake.

Get creative: You can learn to make other things with the vi-shake in it (Visit for ideas), or try our Vi-Crunch cereal and alternate your morning meal for a bowl of cereal instead of a shake! (See my breakfast below)

Let’s move on to STATS!

Day 6 Stats: 130.5 lbs! Holding steady for 2 days (I am ok with that). BECAUSE, I am also down 1.5% body fat and several inches (2) from waist and hips (1). All of this is progress in the RIGHT direction. I am super happy with my results so far.

PS: You can also follow me and catch daily updates and recipes on my fanpage

What I ate: I am primarily vegetarian, although I WILL eat fish and occasionally chicken (if organic). I have stuck to salads with added fats like 1/2 avocado, lots of different color veggies and I LOVE cauliflower as a snack. Great source of dietary fiber. I have also started to incorporate asparagus into the mix as well. When I eat chicken or fish, my servings are measured at 4oz. One more thing I learned is not to eat your protein with your carbs on the same meal. So chicken AND rice is not great, but chicken and veggies is fine. I believe it has to do with the enzymes your body uses to burn carbs and protein. Anyway, I keep those separate. I mostly just eat quinoa though.

Shake(s) of the last couple days: Frozen strawberry banana smoothie (very refreshing), and Vi Crunch Cereal with 1/2 cup plain yogurt (instead of milk) topped with cut strawberries. The cereal is a great breakfast alternative to break up just drinking shakes AND you can scoop one serving into a sandwich bag, stick it in your purse and eat it as a snack anytime as well!

 vi crunch cereal


My exercise: No problem hitting my 10k STEPS last couple of days, plus then some cuz I am also doing my 30 minute treadmill workouts (3 miles at 15 minute mile pace). Plus teaching my daughter to ride without back wheels also helped break a little sweat (although it is 100 degrees in Arizona so that didn’t take much).

How I am feeling: Super excited with my progress. Not even close to saying “I give up”, and I can’t wait to hit my first 10 lbs lost. I had 6 new challengers join me this week with their own 10lb at a time goal and I LOVE the accountability!

Cheated with: I have been enjoying some vodka/tonics (diet) in the evening. Nothing major or abusive, just a couple. Other than that, all good!

General notes: I you have not yet watched my Visalus Project 10 video, go check it out so you can see what I am up to with these progress updates.

Til the next update!

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If you are ready and want/need to lose 10 lbs or more, what are you waiting for??? Just 10 lbs is all you gotta do to get some BELIEF that YOU CAN DO THIS. You can start anytime. I started on a Tuesday.


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