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What exactly does a Visalus distributor or Visalus promoter do? Well, Visalus is a network marketing company and our model is structured as a leveraged system. Much like a broker and realtor system is structured. We work collectively towards the same mission, in this case to promote the 90 Day Challenge via our weight management product line and challenge groups. Each individual has their own organization that they build either focused on acquiring customers or focused on acquiring both customers and other promoters who want to do the same. We aren’t paid fees or anything like that. We simply earn a % of sales processed inside our direct organization. It is a very simple structure and a very rewarding opportunity (IMHO) to be able to coach and help others make positive changes in their lives (both financially AND with their health).

To become a Body by Vi distributor, or Visalus promoter, you simply choose a distributor package you’d like to start with that meets your business financial goals and Join The Body by Vi Challenge! 

Essentially, becoming a Visalus Distributor, or as a we call it “A Visalus Promoter”, is a potentially robust financial opportunity with many rewards. Not only do you get to meet and help amazing people who are also searching for healthier lives, but you can also help them reach their financial goals. People from all over the world are experiencing results in both the Visalus challenge as well as in their Visalus business. As a Visalus Distributor you will simply get paid to help others get healthy. And when others want to do what you do, you just show them how to do the same. I became a Visalus Distributor back in 2010 because I simply wanted to help as many people as I could find better lifestyle choices. And, well, because I wanted to make some extra cash with a product that people were having results with AND was relatively easy to talk about (for me). I found the best of both worlds in Visalus.

To become a Visalus distributor you will make a distributor kit selection, then choose a challenge kit so you can stay on the challenge yourself. You will pay for and receive your distributor kit right away and your challenge kit will arrive the month following your enrollment. You can always adjust this challenge kit, change its content or even the date you receive it later from your Promoter back office.

Here are the FOUR different Visalus distributor systems you can start your Visalus business with:


Visalus Distributor Information

The $499 EXECUTIVE kit is the most popular Vi Distributor starter kit because it includes Vi products for: sampling, for your own consumption and for a Challenge Group or party. This includes several promoting/marketing tools as well.

This kits includes everything in the Basic Promoter System, PLUS….

• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (1 pouch – 30 servings)
• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (1 box – 15 single servings)
• Vi Crunch™ Protein Super Cereal (1 pouch – 14 servings)
• Vi Crunch™ Protein Super Cereal (1 box – 7 single servings)
• Vi Bites™ Fruit Frenzy (1 box – 7 packets)
• Vi Bites™ Fiesta Nut™ (1 box – 7 packets)
• Nutra-Cookie™ – Chocolate Chip (1 box – 14 cookies)
• NEON® Energy Drink (6 cans)
• Omega Vitals Tablets (1 bottle – 30 capsules)
• Vi-Slim® Metab-Awake (2 bottles – 60 tablets)
• Plus 30 Challenge Brochures to help you promote The Challenge
• And Instant access to Vi-Net® Pro & Vi-Net® Mobile

Because this Visalus kit is $499, you will immediately be positioned to earn from customers and distributor enrollments right away.

Another huge advantage of starting this kit is that it allows you to participate in our Rising Star promoter and customer pools, as well as the Vi-Drive Car Club program. This kit also comes with additional training thru your back office, a 30 day Success magazine subscription and many other tools to get your business off the ground right.

The Visalus EPS kit comes with enough product for yourself and to share with others, so at check out you do not need to add any items (unless you want more) and you should select your monthly delivery to be NEXT MONTH. I recommend you make your monthly delivery one of the Premier Kits because my goal will be to help you earn that kit for free next month. That’s my recommendation. Also know that your delivery can ALWAYS be changed at anytime.

OPTION 2 – PROMOTER STAR SYSTEM $999 (image on the right above)

Includes everything that comes in the Executive Promoter System, PLUS…

• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (2 pouches – 60 servings)
• Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (3 boxes – 45 single servings)
• Nutra-Cookie™ – Chocolate Chip (2 boxes – 28 cookies)
• Nutra-Cookie™ – Oatmeal Raisin (2 boxes – 28 cookies)
• ViSalus GO® Instant Energy (2 boxes – 30 energy shots)
• NEON® Energy Drink (2 cases – 48 cans)
• Plus an additional 60 Challenge Brochures to help you promote The Challenge
• And 25% off at the Vi Store!

This kit is a step up of the $499 Executive Kit. It comes with a lot more samples to share at a significant discount than if you were to purchase them separately. If you are anticipating a lot of sampling needs because you have a lot of local connections, I recommend this kit just so you can get a nice break in price and have enough on hand to pass around. Otherwise, choose the $499 EPS to start with.

I would like to add that every distributor, regardless of how they start (basic or EPS) will get paid the same percentages. The main difference is the Rising Star qualification that unlocks pool sharing bonus for EPS’s who reach Director level in their first 30 days. And the fact that EPS distributors are already pre-qualified for the Vi-Drive Car club. All the other payments we get are the same. In addition, you can upgrade at any time.


And last but not least, you can also join Visalus as a NEON ENERGY DRINK DISTRIBUTOR and promote our very popular healthy energy brand. In fact, this is a very popular choice for millennials, fitness trainers and bar owners. I have dedicated an entire blog post to this option since the enrollment takes place from a different portal. Learn more about becoming a Visalus Neon Distributor here.


YOU decide how you would like to begin your business based on your current situation and your financial goals. You can always upgrade later, but unfortunately there is no break on the kits to upgrade. You will still need to pay the full $499 or $999. I am telling you honestly, that if you can swing it… IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY and it will get your business moving faster than if you had no product on hand. Plus economically, it is a very good deal. I started with the $499 option 10 years ago.

Visalus Distributor InformationAnother really important piece of becoming a Visalus distributor is choosing an active upline AND team. I am humbled by the caliber of folks that I have had the privilege of working with in my group. Visalus is not the same as it was a couple years ago. Personally, I think it has changed for the better! It is a much more humble company, much more focused on family values (and challenges) and very in tune with the consumer side of things. In fact, our customer sales are about 70% of the company’s volume!

I personally work with each of my new distributors to get you started, answer all your questions and even help you share this with your prospects until you are ready to do this on your own. I am here to support your business with Visalus and to help you reach your goals. Everyone joins for a different reason, yours may be to pay off debt, replace a full time income, replace a part time income, fun money, college money, to drive an awesome paid for car around town… it doesn’t matter. You tell ME what you are looking for and we work together on a business strategy to make it happen. Together with our leadership training, you are truly in great hands with our Vi Family!

You can check out my Facebook page at http://facebook.com/livecleanandhealthy

If you are interested in learning more, watch the overview videos and also our compensation system videos, then CALL ME or TEXT ME at 602 770 3063  and let’s get you onboard!

When you are ready to join, visit my www.JoinChallenge.com and complete that form!

Visalus Distributor Information