Do I Have To Do The Visalus Challenge For 90 Days?

caramel apple body by vi shakeSHORT ANSWER: NO!

Although the Visalus program is called “The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge”, this is simply a personal commitment.

Studies show that in order to make any change and “stick to” it, you should commit to it for at least 90 days in order to have a greater chance at success.

The Visalus 90 Day challenge encourages you to stick to the program for 90 days in order to see the most significant results, however, there is no commitment (technically) to being on the product for 90 days.

As a matter of fact, you simply buy your product every month, preferably on an autoship so you get the wholesale pricing, however, even so, if you need to skip a month you can easily push the next auto delivery to the next month (or as far as 3 months out) BEFORE your next order ships. You can do this online via your back office whether you are a customer or a promoter.

You may even cancel your Visalus account at anytime before the 90 days, or after. It doesn’t matter. Just remember, the 90 day challenge is only a personal commitment and not a contract that Visalus is proposing. Visalus can be canceled at any time. (to cancel simply call 855-867-0322)

That said, Ivhear of a lot of customer setting up accounts directly with distributors for 3 months at a time. Meaning they pay their distributors directly. I am not saying this is right or wrong. I am sure it is fine. And if you personally know your distributor then GO FOR IT. However, I recommend that YOU set up your OWN account directly with Visalus (via your distributor WEBSITE of choice of course), so that you can have complete control over when you need to make changes. Ask your distributor for their Visalus website link so YOU can set up your own account and terms!

If you cancel Visalus, can you order again? Yes, you can order whenever and from whoever you want. The auto delivery is also referred to our preferred customer account and it simply offers you the shakes at wholesale value. Since you have control of future shipments, it is totally worth it. Try it for one month, two or all 3. Visalus offers a 90 DAY guarantee so you can cancel at anytime inside those 90 days and get your money back if you are not completely satisfied.

To place your order, visit YOUR distributor website or you can visit my Visalus website at and start today. The product will be delivered BY Visalus right to your door and you will have access to your own account to make any changes online at anytime immediately after you process your order (check email for confirmation and links).

Oh and OF COURSE, when you set up your own account for the challenge, you can also enter your before and after pics and be eligible for TONS of cash and vacation prizes that Visalus gives away!


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