Do I Need To Sell Visalus To Try The Shakes?

visalus reviewNo, absolutely not!

You are welcome to simply enjoy the Vi shakes as a customer! It is not required to become a Visalus distributor to be on the shakes or try them.

As a matter of fact, we love our customers! In fact, customers are able to participate in Visalus VIP Rewards programs and they get to earn points and apply them to their future orders, get their Vi shakes free and even win prizes just for being on the challenge! Lots of perks!

As a VIP customer on the challenge, if you refer 3 people in the same month as your order was placed, then Visalus will ship you your NEXT month’s order free or at a discount (depending on what they ordered). And that’s it! And don’t worry, referring friends is completely your choice but once they see your results I will bet they will want to try what you are doing!

Plus now, it doesn’t matter which Vi products you order, of which Vi products your friends order, all that counts are the points you accumulate (which are 1 to $1). It is super simple.

And hey, I get it if you don’t plan to refer anyone and you are just looking to do this Vi thing on your own. That’s cool too. Plenty of customers who just love the Vi shakes regardless. I look forward to assisting you reach your goals should you decide to become a customer whether you want to share it or not :-).

So, become a customer of Visalus and keep moving towards your health goals. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with how great the Vi shakes taste and work!


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