Dr’s Dustin and & Michelle Craft Discuss Visalus

living a healthy lifestyle with visalus

Do Doctors recommend Visalus

Every day promoters throughout North America and now in the UK rave about the amazing health benefits that they and their customers are experiencing while being on the challege. Even customers, who have no profit margin interest at heart, share and rave about the products and the changes they have been able to accomplish by committing to the challege for 90 days.

But that unfortuntately is not enough for some people. Some folks need more proof, other credible sources they can hear from about this Challenge. And well, it is actually a fact that people in the health and fitness industry from personal trainers, to nurses and doctors DO feel the Visalus Challenge is a healthy lifestyle choice.

Today we have some of that proof as Dr. Dustin Craft and Dr. Michelle Craft share with the community their thoughts around living a healthy lifestyle with Visalus.

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