Get Rocking Abs With Myotatic Crunches

myotatic crunchesMYOTATIC CRUNCHES

Getting rocking Abs as “easily” as possible. Although there is always a level of pain that must be endured! My mission is always to minimize this LOL.

But, here is my next totally doable abs exercise you can do from home.  I began doing these 10 days or so ago. Abs are already showing. Important note, no matter how many ab exercises you do, if you are not close to around 20% body fat or less they you just won’t be able to see them :-(. So get on a good nutritional program if you need to drop some body fat. As you know I recommend Visalus protein shakes before or after your workouts and as a meal replacement. They work. But if you don’t want Visalus, no hard feelings here, try other protein shake of your choice. Protein will help build muscle and muscle burns fat!

Moving on to the myotatic crunches. You will also need a BOSU ball. You can find these at every gym (you will then have to work out there, of course), and at any sporting good store. I got mine at Target for $99. You can find cheaper ones that do not have the stabilizer too for much less.  Also, there are hundreds of total body toning exercises you can do with the Bosu ball. This is just one I borrowed from Tim Ferris 4 Hour Body book.

To do the myotatic crunch, you will sit at the edge of the Bosu ball with your bottom pretty close to the floor. Sit up straight with both hands aiming straight to the ceiling and your biceps touching your head right at about your ears. You can out one extended palm over the other touching, as if you were going to dive into a pool (like a professional swimmer would, not like most of us would all crazy with no form). See picture top left for an idea of what this looks like, except that you will start with hands UP and not down. I could not find a darn pic to show this, figures. This one comes close enough. Read on…

Now, with hands always extended and without moving their position next to your ears, you will reach all the way back in a 4 second span until you touch the floor behind you. Focus on stretching your hands out as much as you can during the exercise. This helps stretch your abdominal muscles. Once you touch, then wait 2 seconds then UP AGAIN all the way to starting position. Keeping arms up and stretched helps focus your body to use the abdominal muscles to lift you up. Also, don’t do this fast. You want some resistance. Repeat 10 times. I do this 3 times. You can add weights to your hands once you can do the 10 repetitions. Tim recommends that women do not exceed 10lbs of weights for this exercise. But start with no weights.

As always, do what you can without hurting yourself! If you can’t lift yourself up, try other abdominal exercises to strengthen those muscles before attempting this one again. I use an 8lb medicine ball for another type of exercise. Check out my other abdominal exercises article here.

(Myotatic crunch photo courtesy of thebetterfit. Totally cute article and graphics. Do check them out!).

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