How Do You Do The Visalus 90 day challenge?

Even though to us promoters the answer to this question is intuitive, to many of our clients or prospective clients, it really isn’t.

Do I need to purchase 3 months worth of body by vi shakes?

Do I need to commit to this 90 day challenge for 3 months?

What happens if I don’t finish the 90 days?

What if I don’t like it and I want to cancel?

I get these questions about the Body by Vi Challenge almost weekly! And it’s totally ok. It does make sense to ask these kinds of questions because logically if you read “90 Day Challenge”, one assumes you are gonna be challenged for 90 days!

So let me explain. The 90 Day Challenge is a baseline that Visalus has set to encourage those who want to make a difference in their health to have a chance at success. The goal of the program is to instill in you a new way of eating, a healthier lifestyle. We don’t want you to drink 2 shakes a day forever. That’s not the goal.

So by encouraging you to “give it 90 days”, we feel this time frame is long enough for anyone to see a significant difference while on the shakes. The Body by Vi shakes are healthy, 99% natural, they help burn fat, and once you start seeing results, you will LOVE it and be more willing to stick with it!

You are not signing a 90 day contract. Actually, there are no contracts. We do offer an auto delivery program, which is optional, so that you can stay on top of your challenge without running out of product. You are welcome to manage that autodelivery at anytime via your own online account. So if you need more or less product, or maybe change the auto delivery date, you can do that instantly online.

You do NOT need to stick to the 90 days as far as Visalus is concerned. You can stop and cancel at anytime. The 90 Days concept is simply a personal mental challenge. Once you do get your product and establish your account, you WILL have the opportunity to “start your 90 day challenge” from your back office by submitting a BEFORE and then an AFTER picture. This action of “starting your challenge” triggers the prize categories and automatically enters you to be one of the winners.

Establishing a monthly order, or also known as, becoming a VIP rewards customer, also does entitles you to a 25% discount over the retail price of the product, plus additional savings on orders over $100 (including free shipping on our meal kits). However, if you still would prefer to order just once, you can do that too. You may place a one time order here One time orders

So basically, the Body by Vi program goes like this:

1- Determine what your goal is (how much weight do you want to lose, are you looking to put on lean muscle, do you need a healthier breakfast…)

2- Choose the Visalus shake kit option that best fits the goal you want to accomplish

3- Place your order and get started! I always encourage my customers to GO PUBLIC with their goals! Like post it on Facebook. “I just started the 90 Day Challenge and my goal is to lose 20 lbs. Cheer me on!”. Something like that! Going public makes you accountable! And as I always say, committing mentally to any chance is always the first step!

And hey, if your friends want to do the challenge with you, all you need is THREE and your next shipment is sent to you for FREE by Visalus. As long as they stay on the challenge, your shipments will continue to be free. That’s pretty cool!

But anyway, in a nutshell, that’s the 90 Day Challenge. It’s PERSONAL! So, why not make a personal commitment to changing your health today and see how well you do!?

Go pick your shake kit and get started on your 90 Day Challenge today! And come check out my meals section so you can stay clear of just drinking shakes and ENJOY SOME HEALTHY FOOD!

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