How Does The Visalus 90 Day Challenge Work?

Visalus 90 day challengeHow Does The 90 Day Challenge Work?

If you are just now hearing about the Visalus 90 Day Challenge, trust me, you are NOT TOO late. #1, anyone, anywhere, anytime, can start this 90 day challenge and YOU are NEVER too late to make a healthy lifestyle change.

The Visalus 90 day Challenge has already impacted MILLIONS of people in North America and as of 2012, it even stands ahead of Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig as a weight loss program! Watch out Weight Watchers for this wave is unstoppable. The fact of the matter is, THE 90 DAY CHALLENGE..WORKS! (and yes, so does Weight Watchers, and truly, anything you can stick to long enough to see it through!!).

The beauty of the Visalus 90 day Challenge is that it is affordable, very tasty and super easy to stick to! All these other programs require so much counting and tracking that well, we just lose track!

With the Visalus 90 Day Challenge, you have up to two shakes a day that you need to incorporate into your routine: So you can simply replace your breakfast with one of these shakes, even on the go, and then either replace lunch or dinner, or better yet, drink your second shake AFTER a workout to help build lean muscle. The point of this 90 Day Challenge is that you first SET A GOAL then simply use Visalus to help you get there.

Here is a typical day while on the Visalus 90 Day Challenge:

First and foremost: SET A GOAL you personally want to reach within the next 90 days. We set 90 day goals all the time. When you meet that goal, EXCELLENT, set another one! Be realistic. Losing 200lbs in 90 days is probably not a realistic 90 day challenge goal. But losing 30-40lbs on your first 90 days IS!… Then keep going! Your goal does NOT need to be weight loss related. It can be “getting abs” (that’s MY goal). Or even “spending 30 minutes exercising 5 days a week”… or “gaining 10lbs of lean muscle”. Does not matter the goal, what matters is that you SET a realistic one and stick to it for 90 days. Where VISALUS comes in is with the shake mix that contains a proprietary blend that when taken according to your fitness goal, it will help produce results.

For instance: to gain lean muscle, instead of replacing meals, you will simple be taking your shakes before or after workouts. If your goal is to gain weight, then you would ADD the shakes to your daily routine. If weight loss is your goal then you would replace up to two of your meals with these shakes for a more nutritionally balanced alternative. See what I mean: you drink the shakes according to your fitness goals!

Breakfast: 8oz milk or almond milk, 2 scoops of vi-shake mix. Shake and drink on your way to work, or to the gym, or to drop kids off to school. Best when done within 1 hour from waking up

Lunch: Aim for about 400 calories. Subway 6inch on wheat will do. Pick your fave, skip the mayo and enjoy! Or make a tuna sandwich at home with a salad.

Snacks: Eat around 2 100-150 calorie snacks throughout the day to hold you over between meals. Look for protein type foods like almonds, eggs, carrots…

Dinner: Enjoy a 4-6oz chicken breast or other lean meat with veggies and/or a salad. I sometimes drink a plain shake with dinner UNLESS I am working out. If you work out, then drink the shake after your workout instead!

You can pretty much NOT mess this up if you avoid sugar, refined flour, starches and too much alcohol (2 glasses of red wine should be a good rule of thumb to measure against.. if you MUST)

The trick is to stick to the calories that YOU personally should be consuming each day according to your current dimensions vs. your fitness goal. I encourage you to visit http:/ to calculate this number then aim to stick to it daily, including your shakes.

And remember, not all calories are equal. 240 calories that come from a candy bar ARE NOT the same as 240 calories that come from a protein bar or a Visalus shake. Candy calories come straight from sugar, which turns almost immediately into fat, right after it does a number on your blood levels. So, think smart when you pick your calories and stick to those that mostly come from carb/fat/protein so that your body can put them to good use!!

You MUST EAT while on this challenge. The shakes alone will NOT supply enough nutrients to sustain your body’s daily functioning requirements. Food is GOOD! Just need to make better, healthier choices that’s all!

PS: You can add all kinds of fruit to your shakes to make it taste radically awesome and different every day, but remember, fruit contains sugar, so if you find you may be at a halt with your fitness goals, then simply reduce or eliminate the fruit from your blend (you can use drops or the health packs) and you should see results again. I typically save my Pina Coladas for my Friday after work treat once a week!

Ready to start your own 90 day challenge? Pick the kit that best fits your fitness goals and join the millions already experiencing results –


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