How Much Is The Visalus Program

Probably one of the most common questions we get is “how much are the visalus shakes going to cost me?

And frankly, Visalus thought of EVERYTHING when they put this 90 day program together. From the health benefits of Visalus shakes to how much people are going to have to spend on them. There are numerous replacement meal diets out there. Some better than others, but most, out of reach financially for most of us! Visalus shakes are affordable and easy to incorporate into your budget, because you are simply not ADDING to it, but replacing what you already spend on lunch!

1. Save Money!

At less than $2 a meal, the Body by Vi Challenge help you save money and get healthy at the same time. Think about all the money you spend on fast food and unhealthy meals that just get you OUT of shape… don’t you think it’s time to make your health the priority it should be?

2. Get your Product for FREE!

That’s right, just help 3 Customers purchase a Challenge Kit of equal or greater value to your own, and your product can be free. Not only does “free” fit every budget, but it’s always more fun to lose weight and get in shape with friends!

3. Get Paid to help others!

How many people do you right now that want to lose a little weight or get in shape? What about people who could use an extra few hundred or few thousand dollars each month? Why not share the Challenge with them and earn income weekly, monthly, or even get a new Bimmer for doing so?!

What are you waiting for COME JOIN THE CHALLENGE

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