UPDATE 3/2/2015

You can now cancel or edit your Visalus autoship online from your Visalus customer portal. To access your autoship go to your Visalus Customer Portal and login with the username and password you set up. If you forgot this info, use the recovery process to have an email sent to you.

Here is a video I recorded today 3/2/2015 that shows you exactly how to cancel or edit your autoship. Below it are also step by step instructions:


1- Find your autoship

2- Click on the EDIT looking icon towards the right of the autoship info

3- Scroll to find the item that is on auto and change the quantity from “1” to “0”.

4- Scroll to the bottom and click SAVE

The system will see you are trying to cancel and it will just offer two suggestions first: it will ask if you rather get a smaller kit, or postpone your autoship to a future date. If you wish to do neither, it will simply ask 5-6 easy questions then offer you a SAVE AND CANCEL button to process your request.

5- Make sure you click that button after you answer the questions then go back to your autoship order and there should not be ANY autoships listed there if you did it correctly.

Watch the 4 minute video above to watch me do this.

If you have ANY trouble canceling please call Visalus at 855-867-0322. I personally cannot help you cancel for I do not have access to customer accounts. I am sorry. But the above steps will help.

[End update of 3/2/2015]




I cannot cancel customer autoships directly as I am an Independent Visalus distributor and do not have access to customer accounts. You will need to contact the company directly at 877 847 2587


Now let’s get your current autoship changed! It is easy to edit your order date, order quantity or even cancel your visalus autoship altogether right from your customer back office or from your distributor back office.

In a nutshell, to cancel a visalus autoship, or edit a visalus autoship

1- Visit your http://MyVi.net/login

2- Enter the username and password you received when you placed your autoship order. Your user name is your customer id (should be on your latest order or maybe email receipt. And if you forgot your password, just request a reset)

3- Click on MY BODY BY VI menu link

5- Select My Autoship form the drop down options

6- Edit your autoship date, order amount or cancel from this screen altogether by selecting “0” as your order quantity and clicking save

This will take you thru a short survey. Just answer as best you can and once you are done, you will be able to complete your cancellation.

Now that you know how easy it is to cancel/edit, maybe you’ll reconsider and hang out a little longer? I recommend my clients simply set a calendar date on their computer or phone to remind them 5 days before their next order is due to ship. If you are running low, keep your order going! If you skipped a few (it happens) and you’ve got plenty, simply push out your date as needed or even skip a month. :)