How To Cancel Your Visalus Autoship

UPDATE 8/22/2016

Vi-Shape Superfood Vegan ShakeEveryone has a different reason for wanting to cancel their Vi order: too much product, financial reasons, just because, found something else… all are good enough reasons because they are YOUR reason. However, I actually get lots of emails from people canceling because they are looking for something maybe more natural, vegan and non-soy based. If that is you, you may be interested in checking out our NEW Vi Shape Superfood Shake alternative:  infused with a Super 6 plant-based protein blend, and clinically-tested fiber. You’ll enjoy a complete meal replacement enhanced with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, all 9 essential amino acids, 25 vitamins and minerals, and heart-smart omegas.  Vi-Shape Superfood Shake is vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free – Perfect not just for those with personal diet preferences, but for anybody seeking the best in total body nutrition. Read more about Vi Superfood Shake here and then simply adjust your existing autoship you already have by switching the product.

For those of you who still wish to cancel, here you go :-).

To modify or cancel your Monthly Delivery order, please Login to your back office and follow the below instructions:

  1. Hover over the Shop tab and click on My Orders.
  2. All of your current Monthly Delivery orders will show on this page along with the orders’ total cost, shipping address, ship date, and contents. Click Discontinue above the order you wish to change
  3. A pop-up message will appear advising that you have the option to customize your kit. If you would like to proceed with discontinuing your monthly order, click No Thanks.
  4. A second pop-up will then appear advising that you have the ability to suspend your order up to 3 months. If you would like to suspend your order so that it will automatically resume at a later date, click Suspend Monthly Delivery after specifying how long you would like it suspended. If you would like to continue with stopping you monthly order, click No thanks, continue my cancellation.
  5. Lastly, a brief 5 question survey will appear. Once completed, click Submit and Cancel.
    1. NOTE: You must complete the brief survey and click submit in order for your cancellation to be processed.
  • All Monthly Delivery order changes, including cancellations, must be made no less than 5 days prior to the next ship date. If changes are made less than 5 days before the next ship date, that order may process without your desired changes. Your changes will take affect for all future orders.

If you are unable to find or login to your customer portal, this is how to contact Visalus directly and have then edit or cancel your monthly delivery. Please note I personally cannot cancel your orders because I don’t have access.


UPDATE 3/2/2015

You can now cancel or edit your Visalus autoship online from your Visalus customer portal. To access your autoship go to your Visalus Customer Portal and login with the username and password you set up. If you forgot this info, use the recovery process to have an email sent to you.

Here is a video I recorded today 3/2/2015 that shows you exactly how to cancel or edit your autoship. Below it are also step by step instructions:


1- Find your autoship

2- Click on the EDIT looking icon towards the right of the autoship info

3- Scroll to find the item that is on auto and change the quantity from “1” to “0”.

4- Scroll to the bottom and click SAVE

The system will see you are trying to cancel and it will just offer two suggestions first: it will ask if you rather get a smaller kit, or postpone your autoship to a future date. If you wish to do neither, it will simply ask 5-6 easy questions then offer you a SAVE AND CANCEL button to process your request.

5- Make sure you click that button after you answer the questions then go back to your autoship order and there should not be ANY autoships listed there if you did it correctly.

Watch the 4 minute video above to watch me do this.

If you have ANY trouble canceling please call Visalus at 855-867-0322. I personally cannot help you cancel for I do not have access to customer accounts. I am sorry. But the above steps will help.

[End update of 3/2/2015]




I cannot cancel customer autoships directly as I am an Independent Visalus distributor and do not have access to customer accounts. You will need to contact the company directly at 877 847 2587


Now let’s get your current autoship changed! It is easy to edit your order date, order quantity or even cancel your visalus autoship altogether right from your customer back office or from your distributor back office.

In a nutshell, to cancel a visalus autoship, or edit a visalus autoship

1- Visit your

2- Enter the username and password you received when you placed your autoship order. Your user name is your customer id (should be on your latest order or maybe email receipt. And if you forgot your password, just request a reset)

3- Click on MY BODY BY VI menu link

5- Select My Autoship form the drop down options

6- Edit your autoship date, order amount or cancel from this screen altogether by selecting “0” as your order quantity and clicking save

This will take you thru a short survey. Just answer as best you can and once you are done, you will be able to complete your cancellation.

Now that you know how easy it is to cancel/edit, maybe you’ll reconsider and hang out a little longer? I recommend my clients simply set a calendar date on their computer or phone to remind them 5 days before their next order is due to ship. If you are running low, keep your order going! If you skipped a few (it happens) and you’ve got plenty, simply push out your date as needed or even skip a month. :)

34 Responses to How To Cancel Your Visalus Autoship

  1. I am trying to cancel my autoship order without going through my distribitor. Looks like I cannot, can someone help me.

    • I have phoned the numbers provided, and when they answer they tell me to hold. I called back 3 times and they will not acknowledge. Its a scam, and you can be sure Ill be in touch with the Rabbinic council and make sure they are aware of how you treat your customers.

      • Sharon I am JUST about to post a video on how to cancel this online. But very quickly, you can access your back office, find your autoship, click edit, zero out the quantity and scroll to the bottom and click SAVE. This will prompt just a few questions, simply select some answers and SAVE & CANCEL. That’s it. I am sorry you had a long wait with Visalus. Unfortunately I cannot access customer accounts myself or I’d be happy to help :-(. I hope this helps you cancel more easily.


  2. um i tried cancelling it and after it tells me to take a short survey there is no way to save it and it wont let me!!!

  3. Can you cancel your account with one person and then order through someone else? Is there some way to switch distributors?

    • Cynthia

      Yes. Simply cancel your auto ship with your current distributor by visiting your customer site or calling visalus directly. Then you can just visit another distributor’s site and place a new autoship. As a customer, you are not tied to anyone. If you are a distributor, however, it is a little different. Hope this helps :)

  4. Visalus has made it impossible to “completely cancel” you only have option to suspend autoship. When survey pops up you answer the questions but no way to continue on from there, when you “X” out of box you have to start over, they made it a never ending loop of trying to cancel.

    • I don’t understand why anyone is having trouble canceling or editing orders. I switch my packages out and postpone it all the time without any trouble. all you need to do is zero out the items in your shopping cart, click save, answer that little survey and confirm. I will do another video in the next day or so to illustrate this better. Worse case scenario you can always call VIsalus directly and customer service is super nice and will process the cancellation for you. :). See numbers under contact us section above.

  5. I started body by vi about two weeks ago and I have had no weight or inches lost. I am following it faithfully too! Also, I have had a high amount of gas and uncomfort. I was told that I had 30 days and I am looking to cancel and get my money back. But my distributor is insisting I keep trying it. I’m sorry, this just isn’t for me. :/ Can I call in and get my $$$ back?

    • Cristen
      I am sorry the product is not of your liking. Is it possibly you are allergic to diary? Are you mixing it with milk? I have switched to Almond Milk as it has fewer calories and tastes better to me. Regardless, you can cancel at anytime and if you are within your 30 days then you can call Visalus office to request a full refund!


    • Susanna
      If you are a distributor yourself, then you must cancel your distributorship and wait 6 months to re-enroll. If you are a customer, to switch, you simply cancel your autoship online and re-order thru the distributor of your choice. As a customer you are not on any contract to order from the same person.

      Hope that helps

  6. how can i completely delete my profile? i cancelled my shipments but i want my credit card and address information removed from this system as well.

    • Call Visalus directly and ask them to delete your information. Their contact info is as follows:
      Reach Visalus directly at Member Support Line: 248.524.9520
      Toll Free Customer Service Line: 877.VISALUS (877.847.2587)

  7. I was cancelling my auto shipments and I found this information to help cancel. It was very easy. I’m not sure why everyone is having the issues either. I just wanted to let you know it worked perfectly for me and I appreciate the information.

  8. I’m glad other people are having trouble as well in c
    The canceling procedure. Once your done the survey there is no “cancel” button to push the screen does not show any final option to confirm the cancelation. Glitch in the website??

    • Yes, there is. The problem is that when you change the quantity to zero and scroll down to save your changes, the two options you see are SAVE and CANCEL. Most folks automatically focus on CANCEL and click that (therefore canceling their changes)! You need to click SAVE instead, then the survey comes up, you answer 4-5 multiple choice questions and then it gives you a button that reads SAVE SURVEY CANCEL AUTOSHIP!. See picture here. Visalus doesn’t make money by keeping you from canceling. It is easy and if you have any trouble, you can always call, no questions asked 877 847 2587.

      Cancel button

  9. I am trying to cancel my subscription with no luck.:( When I go to autoship and try to it won’t let me change that?? It let’s me edit things you want to add to your order but not edit what you are already receiving?? Please help! :)

    • The form has this hard to see scrolling bar on the right that shows you the buttons at the bottom. Just click the save & cancel one and that should do it. There are no tricks. It is really so simple. At any rate, if you are still having issues, please call Visalus directly at 977-847-2587 and they are super nice and friendly and will take care of canceling your autoship :-)

  10. I’ve cancelled my autoship once before and never received the survey before and it cancelled with no problem. I find it odd that now you must call to cancel now.

    • Kasey, to be frank I was rather disspointed myself in this change (having to call). I believe the company is simply striving to understand better why folks may be stopping in an effort to improve their process or maybe even help educate those who just didnt know how to do their challenge correctly. It is a bit of a hassle to call, but the reps are very friendly and will assist you well and take care of the changes for you.

  11. Dear Visalus,
    I wish at this time to cancel my autoship. I have received some bags of Visalus shake powder mix from friends and until I use it up, I do not need any more. Please cancel and send me no more orders and stop shipping and billing me. Thank you, Bonie Scott

    • Hi Bonnie

      I sent you an email in response to this inquiry but please please please everyone READ ABOVE on the post. I cannot cancel your autoships. You have to contact Visalus directly or log into your back office and adjust your shipment. I believe they have again re-opened the editing function online. But regardless, you have to do it thru Visalus, either online or via phone (above).

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