How To Enroll As A Visalus Distributor Online

I recorded a short video below to show you how to enroll as a visalus distributor online. Before watching this video you should already have an idea of the following:

1- Watch the Visalus Business Strategy Overview video at this link (feel free to watch the others too!)

2- Know which Visalus Distributor kit you may want to start with

In this video below I walk you through HOW to enroll as a Visalus Distributor with an EPS and also with a BASIC kit. This video does not go over any compensation details. If you have any questions let me know. Also, keep in mind that the kit menu and product options may shift a little as we add new items to the menu, so follow the video as a guide but find and make your OWN product choices when you get to that menu screen.

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