How To Lose 10lbs Using Vi Shakes

visalus project 10How To Lose 10lbs Using Vi Shakes

This post is for those of you who are pretty new to hearing about Visalus and the Body by Vi Challenge and would like to know exactly how this “thing” works and how you can get out of it if you change your mind (am I right?). I get it. I had the same cynic mentality at first myself. But primarily, how to lose 10lbs using vi shakes.

So here is how the Body by Vi Challenge works, how to get started on your own challenge, how I will help you lose 10lbs with the vi-shakes and how to GET OUT if you need to or want to:

Up until now (2014)…

First of all the Challenge has been a great success for many people across the US, CANADA and UK. The original foundation of the challenge HAS BEEN that in 90 days you WILL see a significant change towards your fitness goals by replacing either ONE, or TWO meals with one of these Vi shakes. But you gotta stick to it for 90 days to see AMAZING results. Anything really that you stick to for 90 days tends to become habit forming and even though we don’t necessarily encourage that you replace two meals a day with a shake for the rest of your life, we do think that seeing what you can do with proper nutrition will motivate you to continue on your path to a healthy lifestyle that involves more natural food choices WITHOUT feeling like you are restricted or on a “diet”. The GREAT news for you is that the shakes tastes really amazing. Absolutely nothing like most over the counter shakes, which are gritty and never seem to dissolve well (and they taste funny. Don’t get me wrong, I do drink them here and there (you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes, but they do taste funny).

Ok so fast forward from our previous 90 Day Challenge success to NOW.. 2014!

Visalus continues to innovate their product line, with the introduction of Vi Crunch (a cereal like meal for breakfast or snack), and now they have changed from the 90 Day Challenge to PROJECT 10.

This means that YOUR goal is now to lose your FIRST 10lbs! This is truly where the rubber meets the road for many folks as they FINALLY see and feel progress. Now for some people they can drop 10lbs in as little as 2 weeks, and for others it takes a little longer. Regardless of how that works for YOU, I am here to see you through to YOUR 10lb loss mark (or if you need to GAIN lean muscle weight, then that works for you as well).

What does that mean as far as ordering? Well, to be honest NOTHING has changed there, except perception. You see, most folks assumed that the 90 day challenge REQUIRED them to be on a 3 month autoship or that they were somehow committed to 90 days. They weren’t. The commitment to the 90 Day Challenge was simply a motivational one! So ordering remains the same:

You visit, select the kit you feel best fits your fitness goals (some come with enough product for 1 shake a day, some with 2 shakes a day and some include the Vi Crunch). All kits are enough for ONE MONTH supply.

When you order your kit, you will be enrolling as a PREFERRED CUSTOMER so that you can receive wholesale pricing. Although this DOES set you up on an autoship of the date of your choice, you can change your date, change your product order or cancel it altogether at ANY TIME. To change or push your date or product up to 3 months out, you can do that online via your customer back office. To CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT completely, you need to just give Visalus a quick call at 1877-847-2587. That number is ALSO available through your back office.

My mission is to help you succeed in your journey by providing you with tips, trouble shooting tips, meal recipes and shake recipes. I am also available to answer questions on my fan page as well. The only thing I CANNOT do is offer any medical advice or recommend that you stopped taking anything already prescribed by your doctor. The shakes do contain non-gmo soy. Now, I personally have a hypothyroid and the shakes have NOT affected me. HOWEVER, check with your doctor first or at least be aware in case you notice a difference (gas is usually an indication your body is processing something it is not used to, and this shall pass – no pun). If you are allergic to soy then I wouldn’t do the shakes. If you are NOT allergic to soy, or have an insensitivity to it, then you are good to go.

I CHALLENGE YOU to lose 10lbs with Visalus shakes, risk free, still 90 day back guarantee and you have an opportunity to not only lose those pesky first (or last) 10 lbs, but you can also enter yourself into a weekly drawing of $1k per person (up to 10 winners EACH WEEK)! Simply for losing 1olbs! (Details about project 10 here).

So what are you waiting for? Get your shake kit today here and let’s lose those 10lbs starting NOW!

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