How to make money in Visalus

How to make money in VisalusVisalus is a Network Marketing company, aka multi-level marketing company. If you are not familiar with how this industry works or you are wondering if this is a “pyramid scheme” then the video in STEP 1 below will help you understand how to make money in Visalus.

First I will address the “pyramid thing”: this term became popular when Ponzi schemes started hitting the market. Because of how ponzi schemes work, by trying to make money taking people’s money in succession until no one else buys into it, all multi-level marketing companies automatically got a bad rap. There is one BIG CRITICAL difference though, ponzi schemes do not offer any products or services and they are illegal.

Most Network Marketing companies have several checks and balances in place to ensure fair and equal opportunity and that NO MONEY gets paid TO ANYONE unless there is a sale of a product or service involved. In other words, you cannot PAY someone for enrolling another person into the company UNLESS the enrolled individual purchased a product or service that is also available to the general public. In fact, purchasing product is ALWAYS OPTIONAL and not a requirement to become part of the company. There may however by a nominal fee if the company offers online services such as  a shopping cart to the distributor and that fee covers all credit card transactions, hosting, etc… This fee does NOT generate a payment to anyone. Only purchasing products will trigger this.

How To Make Money In Visalus

We have come a long way in this industry and thousands of people live very decent lives with integrity by serving their community and helping others reach financial well being doing something honorable. Network Marketing is just another form of earning a living, much like having a job, infomercials, door to door selling or a home based business of any other kind. YOU decide what line of work you want to be a part of and it is up to you to do it with integrity.

Of course there are plenty of scoundrels and deceiving folks IN ALL INDUSTRIES, network marketing is no exception. And as great as it is that ANYONE can do this, the fact that ANYONE can, is also its downfall in some cases.

But this post is about how to do this right, with integrity and confidence. You can make a living in this industry and I want to share with you how to make money in Visalus specifically. I cannot guarantee YOUR success anymore than your failure. All I can say is that it has worked for ME for the past 4 years and although I am no millionaire, I do make what would be considered a pretty decent full time income to most families.

Here is a brief video I recorded for another post of our Visalus model and a brief explanation of how it compares to other models. This is NOT the Visalus compensation plan. This is the structure and how it works:

STEP 1: How To Make Money In Visalus

If you are interested in learning a little more about Visalus, this video in STEP 2 covers the Visalus Business Strategy. It will give you a good idea of how to make money in Visalus. If after watching the video in STEP 2 you would like to discuss how YOU can make money in Visalus I’d be happy to answer your questions. Send me an email at and we can schedule some time to talk.

 Step 2: Visalus Business Overview

Maybe this is for you, maybe not. Here is what it will take to succeed:

1- You gotta use the product so you can share your own results

2- You gotta tell others about it. Lead with the product, be an ambassador of change and healthier living! Jim Rohn once said, it is not about becoming a millionaire but about the person you must become to be one, that matters.

If you truly want to help share our health message and make money by honestly helping others, then I would love to work with you! If it’s only about the money for you, then it will probably not be a good fit.

Help me promote our 90 Day Challenge by Joining as a Visalus promoter in my team.

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