How To Manage Your Autoship Online

UPDATE 8/22/2016

Vi-Shape Superfood Vegan ShakeEveryone has a different reason for wanting to modify their Vi order: too much product, financial reasons, just because, wanna try something else… all are good enough reasons because they are YOUR reason. However, I actually get lots of emails from people looking for something maybe more natural, vegan and non-soy based. If that is you, you may be interested in modifying your order with the NEW Vi Shape Superfood Shake :  infused with a Super 6 plant-based protein blend, and clinically-tested fiber. You’ll enjoy a complete meal replacement enhanced with probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, all 9 essential amino acids, 25 vitamins and minerals, and heart-smart omegas.  Vi-Shape Superfood Shake is vegan, kosher, non-GMO, and gluten-free – Perfect not just for those with personal diet preferences, but for anybody seeking the best in total body nutrition. Read more about Vi Superfood Shake here. Of course, if Vi Shape is still your favorite (it is mine too) and you just wish to modify your order or postpone your next shipment, you can certainly go that right from your back office. Here are those instructions:

To modify or cancel your Monthly Delivery order, please Login to your back office and follow the below instructions:

      1. Hover over the Shop tab and click on My Orders.
      2. All of your current Monthly Delivery orders will show on this page along with the orders’ total cost, shipping address, ship date, and contents. Click Discontinue above the order you wish to change
      3. A pop-up message will appear advising that you have the option to customize your kit. If you would like to proceed with discontinuing your monthly order, click No Thanks.
      4. A second pop-up will then appear advising that you have the ability to suspend your order up to 3 months. If you would like to suspend your order so that it will automatically resume at a later date, click Suspend Monthly Delivery after specifying how long you would like it suspended. If you would like to continue with stopping you monthly order, click No thanks, continue my cancellation.
      5. Lastly, a brief 5 question survey will appear. Once completed, click Submit and Cancel.
        1. NOTE: You must complete the brief survey and click submit in order for your cancellation to be processed.
      • All Monthly Delivery order changes, including cancellations, must be made no less than 5 days prior to the next ship date. If changes are made less than 5 days before the next ship date, that order may process without your desired changes. Your changes will take affect for all future orders.

If you are unable to find or login to your customer portal, this is how to contact Visalus directly and have then edit or cancel your monthly delivery. Please note I personally cannot cancel your orders because I don’t have access.

Or you can do it online by visiting if you have your customer id and password. The video below shows you how to cancel. Or again, you can call Visalus.

I’ve been wanting to record this video for a while but with the Holidays and all, I just got a bit side tracked. But here it is. This is for those who are already on an autoship and would like to know how to adjust it. In this video you will learn how to push out your next autoship date, how to change the items that come in your autopship or how to cancel it altogether.

If you are considering the 90 day challenge and are curious or not comfortable with having an autoship, then watch this video so you can see how easy it is for you to manage it directly online by accessing your very own customer website. You will receive access to a website with a username and password upon purchasing any challenge kit.

Watch the video then look under it for the benefits of a being a preferred customer!

To access your customer account online, visit and click the LOGIN button at the top right corner. If you have forgotten your access info, follow the instructions to reset them online.



1- Never run out of shake mix during your 90 Day Challenge. Your next order will be automatically delivered to your door

2- As a preferred customer, when you refer 3 other customers like yourself to become preferred customers and they pick a kit the same or higher than yours, then YOUR product will be sent to YOU free the following month!!!

3- Enjoy online access to tracking tools, transformation tools, recipes, meal ideas, meal planners and an online community doing a challenge themselves!

We love our customers and giving you all the tools you need to manage your accounts and progress is important to us!


2 Responses to How To Manage Your Autoship Online

  1. I am wondering if when you join the 90 day challenge is this how long the autoship is or does it keep going?

    • Delaine,

      The autoship is month to month and can be adjusted easily from your online account page. It can be changed or canceled at anytime. The 90 day challenge concept itself is just a personal mental commitment and not a purchase commitment.

      Hope that helps

      Aymee :-)

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