How To Mix Your Body By Vi Shakes

This is sort of a humorous video of us trying to mix our first Body By Vi shakes. A bit too much went into this and I believe we still have shakes left. It’s short, its funny and it will show you how to mix a shake somewhere in there as well! :)

Feel free to leave your feedback below! We had a blast mixing our first shakes!!!

6 Responses to How To Mix Your Body By Vi Shakes

    • Hi Candy

      Yes you can. Won’t have as much nutritional value, and it doesn’t taste as good in my opinion (unless you mix in some other things), but yes. Lots of people use water when mixing in fruit. :-)

  1. I usually mix in frozen berries, strawberries, huckleberries are my favorite, the you don’t need the ice, awesome shakes!

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