How To Order Visalus Shakes Online

Although you do not need to be a distributor to just order Visalus shakes and start your own 90 Day Challenge, you DO need to order your a distributor’s website. Both distributors and customers can receive the same wholesale price by simply setting up a flexible monthly delivery order. You will have complete flexibility to edit or even cancel your Visalus monthly delivery at anytime online yourself (or also by calling the company).

You may also purchase your Visalus shakes thru our SHOPPING CART and enjoy a one time order for your shakes without a monthly delivery set up. Come back as often as you’d like to re-order!

Should you decide to become a VIP Rewards Customer, here are some steps to follow to guide you thru the process:

1- Visit my Visalus distributor website. (It doesn’t matter where you live in US – Canada or Jamaica, the shakes are shipped right to your door by the company).

2- Scroll down and click on BUY NOW

3- Select your country

4- CLICK ON THE DROP DOWN ARROW to view featured kits and OTHER meals, snacks and drinks available. All can be purchased a la carte and you will get an additional discount for monthly orders plus more discounts on orders over $100, including free shipping on orders over $300

5- That’s it. The rest is just your payment and shipping details.

Everything is shipped to your door directly by Visalus.



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