How to Take Advantage of Vi Groups to Get Free Vi Products

Visalus has made many, many changes in the last couple of years (since 2014). We are now not just talking about health and family but now we are walking the talk by introducing more customer focused activities and options that really help drive this new message home (pun intended).

See, you can be a company that sells health and wellness, but when you back it up with encouraging and rewarding customers for participating in the activities that lead us to living a healthier lifestyle, then you got yourself the whole enchilada (well, not a real one, cuz those aren’t that healthy lol). And I am not talking about just entering contests and things like that, although that’s certainly fun for many, especially for those who win, right!?

I am talking about rewarding customers with cash points (point is a dollar) just for showing up to a Vi Group activity scheduled by a Vi distributor.

What is a Vi Group Activity?

So simple and fun you won’t believe you were missing out. A Vi Group activity is an outdoor or even indoor session that a Vi distributor schedules to do something involving some type of exercise. Now don’t fret, this does not typically involve crazy stuff like kick boxing, although we have those too, but instead it is more like: a group getting together to do a walk around the park regularly, or yoga, or zumba, pound fitness, cardio or whatever the Vi distributor wants to schedule. Some Vi folks will also reach out to a certified personal trainer and have THEM lead the Vi Group routine instead. I know I would!

The Vi Groups are solely focused on the exercise it has scheduled to accomplish. There is no party or pitch going on, or videos or anything. Many Vi distributors however, will bring drinks and samples to share with their groups so they can enjoy the products while working out (free).

How to Get Free Vi Products?

What’s so great about Vi Groups? Well, for starters the Vi Groups are FREE to attend. Once you show up to one, that’s when magic can start to happen: Once you become a Vi customer (with any purchase amount) either before or after attending a Vi Group, you start to earn 10 points every time you show up. 10 points equals $10 USD dollars! You can bank these as long as you want then apply them towards your next purchase of Vi products! This means that you can earn free Vi products simply by exercising and showing up AT LEAST once a week! The points are limited to 10 a week per customer, however, a Vi shake mix is $49. You can now buy that for $10 every month by coming to the workouts! And better yet, hey, you are working out and now have a fun accountability group!!!

The Vi Groups are independently run by Vi Distributors in your area. Visalus doesn’t run these and since only local Vi distributors participate on a voluntary basis, you will need to lookup and see who is doing what near you.

If you would like to check and see if there is a Vi Group meeting near YOU, visit and use the locator to seach for one. If you live in Gilbert or Chandler Arizona then send me a message directly at and I will invite you to mine. We have a ladies walking group that meets in the evening for a 2 mile walk. :-)

If you are a Vi Distributor these are GREAT for you as well since you too will earn points when at least three people show up and check in with you. The walking groups are very popular and super easy to accomplish. I wouldn’t post a blanket invite to strangers though, start with people you know and ask them to share with those they know, or bring a friend. You don’t need to give any Vi spills, simply focus on the workouts and have fun!

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