Information About Becoming a Visalus Promoter

As you might imagine, I receive tons of inquiries about our products and about becoming a Vi promoter in my team. Our Vi mission to change lives and to build our businesses with heart, compassion, inclusivity and understanding have propelled enrollments and more and more people want to be a part of this incredible movement. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so inspiring right? However this also creates enrollments who never respond or reach out to me and although we join this business as independent owners, it is in the power of teamwork that you will succeed. You cannot do this alone!

So, from now on, all enrollments into MY team MUST first complete a quick set of questions so we can connect and provide you with the answers and the tools you need to make the right decision and get started correctly. I want you to be READY from the get-go! This isn’t in an effort to limit WHO joins my team, everyone is welcome. This is to prevent YOU from joining without support or knowledge of what this is about. Our culture is about transparency, inclusion and support. I want to offer that BEFORE you even decide to jump on board! And hey, if after we talk you decide this is NOT for you, then I will save you time and money!

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