Is Visalus Just A Shake Diet

is visalus just a shake dietIf I had a dollar for every post or commentary on forums I’ve  seen where people say Visalus is just a shake diet and people need to eat REAL food to live”, I’d have a new Mac to write this on!

This statement is usually followed by the traditional, “you don’t need to go on a diet to lose weight. Proper nutrition and exercise is all you need”.

And to that I say AMEN SISTAH (or BROTHAH)! I couldn’t agree more. I am the FIRST one to get on that mic and proclaim to the world that a well balanced health style WILL render results. I eat this way myself. Most our produce at home is organic, including any other item we purchase that can be found in organic form, my husband is a vegetarian so about 90% of what “I” eat is vegetable based, we exercise on a regular basis, and I even have some additional health set backs that have pretty much forced me to eliminate (wait for it… SOY and gluten).

I highlight SOY because YES, I had to stop drinking Visalus shakes due to its Non-GMO Soy content for 21 days. I challenged many different types of soy ingredients back in, one at a time, and this particular one did NOT affect me like actual soybean oil does or GMO soy. PHEW and thank goodness because the alternatives were not quite as smooth going down (gritty).

My point with sharing that with you is that I have always been pretty transparent with my clients and followers about eating well, whether that includes shakes or not, and if I had to make a tough call and stop drinking Visalus shakes for health reasons I would have! I am glad it didn’t come down to that.

I tell it how it is, including the whole sucralose controversy, which is a topic for another post, but in a nutshell [Open mini-rant] “Please, look around you, sucralose (particularly the insignificant amount in the shakes) is NOT what’s hurting people, causing disease or obesity. Let’s get real here. EVERYTHING ELSE people are consuming in MASSIVE quantities IS what the problem is. Now I am not saying that if you are a purist you oughta consider adding this to your diet, but ARE YOU? I mean I have had people sipping on a DIET COKE challenging me on the the sucralose in the shakes. SERIOUSLY. And I am ok with people who won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, and if that’s you then by all means DON’T, but you are not doing yourself any favors if you are not eliminating THE OTHER harmful ingredients you are consuming regularly without a second thought (Starbucks, pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, subs,)and pretty much all processed food that comes in a sealed package. So, trust me, replacing just ONE of those with a shake WOULD actually make a difference.” [End mini rant])

Back to Visalus NOT being a shake diett:

#1- If you are working with an educated promoter or at least someone who pays attention to our message, Visalus is not supposed to be a shake diet. Food must be included.

is visalus just a shake diet

#2- If you have ever researched any information on how to lose weight you will find a consistent mention of ADD MORE PROTEIN, ADD MORE FIBER, ADD MORE WATER. This is pretty standard and the rest of what you should eat varies from that point according to personal choice, availability, fitness goals, allergies, etc..

#3- Many diets actually DO work, if you stick to them. Unfortunately most are too restrictive that your body just cannot sustain itself on them. So if you stop doing whatever got you to where you are today, you will end up where you were to begin with. This even includes going to the gym.

#3 bugs me the most as I often read in forums, so what happens when you stop taking the shakes, will you put all your weight back on? Fair question but the answer depends on what you are replacing the shakes with. In other words, the Vi shakes are ONE option that when added to a properly balanced meal plan WILL help you lose weight. They are NOT the only option out there, just one of the more affordable ones (go try to price other shakes and see), plus they are quite tasty and a heck of a lot easier to consume regularly.

But let’s say you reach your fitness weight goal and you decide you do not want to take Visalus shakes anymore. You can stop for sure, however, all you would need to do is replace them with a similar item. If you replace the shakes you are drinking for breakfast with muffins or donuts, guess what’s gonna happen? If you replace your shake and salad for lunch with a burger and fries, guess what’s gonna happen? If you replace your Visalus shakes with ANOTHER protein option (or even another shake) but you continue a similar eating habit by replacing one good option with ANOTHER GOOD OPTION, guess what? You will continue to have GREAT RESULTS! I promise!

So the next time you read or someone tells you that “you have to be on the shakes forever or you will gain all your weight back”, please pause, reflect on that statement and think logically…you will gain your weight back if you go back to eating like you were eating BEFORE you started taking Visalus! Isn’t THAT the reason you are where you are to begin with? Simply make healthier choices, with or without the shakes, a healthier alternative will work just as well.

The goal is for you to establish a healthy and well balanced eating habit you can live with! And most people won’t stick with anything that they don’t see results with. The shakes help you see those results, sometimes in the first week!

My point here is that the shakes may very well stay as part of your grocery list forever, after all they are extremely good, easy to mix with anything, affordable and many can get them for free… but for some of you they become a catalyst for change in your eating habits and then you move on to something else… AND THAT WORKS TOO.

So why be afraid to add shakes to your daily food intake? The shakes are NOT the problem when it comes to your maintaining your goal weight, the problem is what you end up replacing the shakes WITH!

Visalus did not discover protein shakes. These have been a staple food of personal trainers, athletes and even doctors for a long time (even Dr Oz encourages replacing meals with a good protein shake). All Visalus did was make them taste great and affordable. In addition, for those who wish to promote them as part of a healthy lifestyle to others, can also earn a fantastic income.

I have tried other shakes, you are welcome to try them too (Vega and Raw Meal in particular are the ones i have tried). I HAD to drink them when I replaced Visalus for a few weeks. And UGH, those are quite a different ballgame in taste and texture let me tell you. EXTREMELY GOOD for you, for sure, but for me they were tough to take.

I encourage you to look at things a little different and instead of looking at shakes as a “diet”, simply look at them as a food option that together with other healthy foods WILL lead you to your fitness goals. And with a 90 day money back guarantee (who offers that anyway?), you have nothing to lose (but weight).

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