Meal Idea For The 90 Day Challenge

Ok, so I have to admit that although these Visalus shakes are absolutely delicious, I had a hard time figuring out WHAT ELSE to eat around them without messing up ‘the effect’. And I am way too busy to cook three meals and I’m definitely not a chef. So I struggled for a little while there getting the hang of it.

I printed Visalus’ snacks and meal plan (which may help you get some ideas so make sure you take a look), but it just didn’t appeal to me all the much :-(. Or for that long. LOL. It may however appeal to you, so do check it out.

I started retaining water, uh-oh, and I couldn’t figure out why. I remember I gained 2 lbs one week about 3 weeks into it. Could have been for different reasons, who knows, but I couldn’t ‘shake it’… the lbs… no pun. WHAT NOW!? I was tempted to head to the gym more often, but I just didn’t want to make more room for that at the time.

But, I LOVE the Body by Vi shakes and wanted to make it work! So many people I personally know are having such success with it that there had to be something I could do or change. ARGH!

And so I started looking at other “diet plans” to see what their main focus was, how they incorporate protein into their daily routine, what other meals were included in those, etc.. and I came accross Tim Ferriss: The 4-Hour Body. TAH DAH!  You can pick this book up on Amazon or at any bookstore, by the way. But, please continue reading so you can see what I did to incorporate my Body by Vi shakes with it…

So, without going into this weight loss program in detail here, it is based on a “slow carb” meal consumption. Primarily beans, legumes, veggies, protein (like meat, chicken, etc… or eggs). Pretty much. No dairy, no sugar, no refined flour foods (sigh… bye bye awesome bread), no alcohol (some wine exceptions YAY!), and no fruit. Looks doable and TOUGH at the same time. But hear this, ONCE A WEEK… you pick the day, you get to eat WHATEVER YOU WANT! CHEAT DAY! BOOYAH!

Cheat day totally makes this meal plan worth it and “stick-to-a-ble”. So back to incorporating this with Vi shakes

Breakfast: Suggested meal was eggs and beans…YUK. (Basically a high protein, nutrional content to start the day). My dilemma… no dairy, no fruit on Tim’s plan. Hmmm… and THEN, I discovered ALMOND MILK! I bought unsweetened milk, only 40 calories (much less than even fat free milk), 0 sugar, 1 protein (protein is good, on top of the mix protein amount!), and even a handful of other vitamin benefits in the Almond milk. So basically, instead of having eggs and beans for breakfast, as Tim recommends, I have my Visalus shake with Almond Milk, 1/2 tsp of organic cocoa for a different flavor and sometimes 2 hard boiled eggs (on the side). I boil these at night and stick them in the fridge.

Lunch: CHIPOTLE BABY! That’s right. Who’d have thunk!? Chipotle is a perfect meal for a slow carb type diet as you can order it in a bowl, instead of the burrito. Basically pick BEANS, FAJITAS (veggies), MEAT, SALSA of your choice and LETTUCE. It is a perfectly large meal, filling, and 100% on the plan!

Snack: While on a slow carb diet, you won’t feel like snacking. If you do, it means you need to up what you are eating for lunch, so add a 2nd serving of beans. For the record, you can eat anyting allowed on the diet at any time. There are no amount restrictions. So if you are hungry, eat more beans! LOL

Dinner: Pick options from the book (ya gotta read it) and serve with another shake :-). Options as mentioned above: beans, meat, veggies. There are tons of sauteed recipes on his blog and such to make these meals fun and yummy.

And one day a week: SPLURGE! I make a little note of things I crave through the week and then make a point to review it and eat them on Saturday. You will be ready for a new fresh start come the next day, I guarantee it!

So, anyway, please note I am not a nutritionist and this is just how “I” have worked a fabulous meal plan that appeals to me and is actually pretty effective into my Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. Do your research, including the meal plans offered by Visalus to see what sits well with you and your lifestyle. The point of the program (or any program) is that it should NOT BE or FEEL like a diet. It should be a healthy change to more nutrional, healthier meals for life! So make sure you are enjoying what you eat!

And by all means, if taking the shakes are you are today IS ALREADY WORKING FOR YOU, as it does for many people, then stick to what is working!! :-). And also, Body By Vi emphasizes, and so do I, that the changes you need to make to your daily routine should be mininal. Simply replacing 1 to 2 meals a day should do the trick.

PS: This idea is just a personal meal plan of mine and not endorsed, recommended or mentioned by Visalus at all. Totally personal :). Just sharing. Make sure you do your research on it before attempting it as there is nearly not enough information here to get started. You can pick up the book at any bookstore or via the links here.

To YOUR weight goals success!

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  1. I just came across this because I’m doing the body by vi diet and have been retaining SO much water! It’s nice to see I’m not the only one :)

  2. So, I couldn’t help but wonder, what were your results doing it this way? I do love both and have lost weight on the 4 hour body plan a year ago, but like the nutritional benefits of Visalus. I was wondering about combining the 2 and so glad to know someone else has tried it. So, results thus far??

    • I love the 4HB. Basically with the shakes, you still have to eat! For my particular goals, I drink my shake as the protein option in the morning and after my workout in the evening. I “sometimes” if i am in a hurry, will replace a male with the shake and when that’s the case I do add more protein to it (spinach, or some fruit). But for the most part what I do it is the 4HB items PLUS I love veggies so we pretty much eat like a bunny most of the time. As a matter of fact, I am munching on a baby carrot as we speak :-). I believe that the 4hb option will trim the fat and together with the blend in the shake, it will not only expedite it but will also help you also get definition! (Note: no dairy, so I do replace milk in shake with non dairy milk or almond milk)

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