My Cardio, abs and arms exercise routine

My new obsession: medicine ball work outs!

I’ve been looking for an exercise routine that doesn’t kick my butt, yet gives me results using a medicine ball.

I have one medicine ball exercise routine below and as I discover other “doable” exercises, I will add them as other posts. Let’s have some fun this year!

I truly don’t think one must go “crossfit” or “insane” to get muscle definition. If you want to compete, then maybe. But if you are like me, just looking for an exercise routine to get abs and muscle definition that you can even do at home then read on:

I grabbed these medicine ball exercises from different fitness trainers online and simply put them together into a routine that takes about 30 minutes to complete. Again, this ain’t earth shattering pain, however, the trick is to increase reps as your endurance improves.

What you will need for my routine: jump rope, 6 or 8lb medicine ball, water, protein shake*.

*Why a protein shake? Well, as most fitness trainers will recommend, every time you plan to put your body muscles through rigorous exercise and want to increase lean muscle definition, then a protein shake will help not only those muscles recover from the micro-tears from the exercise (this is good), but it delivers protein directly to your body which also helps build muscle. I drink my protein shakes AFTER my work outs.

Personally, I recommend Visalus shakes as they have given me the best results. In addition, Visalus shakes also include a proprietary tri-sorb protein blend that is very quickly absorbed and helps burn fat. That works for me! However, if you are familiar with another protein drink or prefer something different, then do what fits your preference, but a protein shake will definitely help speed your results. If you go with Visalus, and its simply going to be used as a workout shake, then I recommend starting out with the balance kit (one bag), which comes with 30 shakes. That should be enough to help you see a difference in your body (together with the exercise). 


First cardio: Grab a jump rope.

Start with 3 sets of 30 jumps keeping both feet together. Rest 30 seconds to 1 minute in between each set.

Now that your blood is pumping, lets go for the abs:

First ab exercise: Grab medicine ball. I started with an 8lb ball.

Sit on the floor, ball held with both hands and right in front of your chest. Touching chest.

Knees bent, feet about 2 inches apart and raised 2-3 inches from ground. Lean back slightly so abs are tense. Now slowly with both hands on ball twist body left to right by moving the ball from one back pocket to the other (see pic above).

Go from left, to right, then UP above your head (not pictured).Then back to chest starting position, and repeat motion starting from other side (right to left then UP).

Knees bent, feet not touching ground. Keep abs tight and focus on those muscles as you proceed thru the exercise. Repeat 10 times. Each complete twist and up motion equals 1 count.

We will do 3 reps but with another 2 exercises in between.

Second ab exercise:

Place ball between knees and with knees bent, lay back flat on floor and extend both arms out to either side or place them under your head. Starting from center, move ball from left touching floor to touching floor on the right side. Think windshield wiper. Repeat 10 times with left to right being 1 count.

Third exercise: This ab/arms but mostly arms. Warning: careful not to drop ball on your face with this one :-). Keeping it at chest level will help.

Lay flat on floor, knees bent. Hold ball to chest. With both hands slightly extend and throw ball towards the ceiling. Now, the ball only needs to barely leave your hands and you should be able to effortlessly catch it with both hands again while extended.

Bring ball back to chest and push out and repeat. I try to do this at chest level rather than in front of my face. If you keep the ball close to your hands as you throw it then you will feel the burn on the back of your arms. Repeat 40 throws.

And there you have it. That’s one full routine.

Repeat starting with jumping rope 2 more times and do the entire cycle. As you get stronger, you will notice it gets easier. At this point (probably after a week of doing this daily), simply increase counts by 5. 35 jump rope, 15 twists, 15 windshield wiper moves, 45 ball throws.

Don’t forget to drink your protein shake within 30 minutes post your work out!!

Enjoy and feel free to replace exercises once it gets boring with new ones that are more strenuous. I also go run the bike and treadmill at the gym at least 4 times a week in the evening. 20 minutes each at least. I enjoy the time to listen to my audio books and re-focus mentally.

Resolve to start today and you will see results before you know it! Especially if you include protein in your daily routine!

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