Day 2 Visalus Project 10: What’s Up Energy?

Ok, I decided to follow a format for my challenge progress posts to avoid too much rambling on.

Day 2 Stats: 133 lbs. (Although I was secretly hoping for Vi-MAGIC and that the scale read 124.5. NO CIGAR, but progress is progress!). Now that is 1.5 lbs in one day but I am not buying it yet. Everyone does GREAT on their first day right? This is probably a combination water loss/weight loss. Truly just jumping on the scale ONCE a week is enough, so, from now on and until I hit my goal of losing 10lbs, I will get on the scale on Saturday mornings only. So let’s check back Saturday, I will post an update weight then which should be more reflective overall of how I am doing on my  Project 10 challenge here.

And YES, I will post pics too, stay tuned for those.

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What I ate: Technically, yesterday, I had a blueberry/raspberry visalus smoothie for breakfast. A salad with lots of veggies and tofu on top for protein for lunch. An apple as a snack. Some tea with (see cheat category). For dinner I blended this chocolate concoction of sorts LOL. Almond milk, chocolate packet, 2 scoops vi, 1/4 frozen banana (I have to stick to berries or go VERY easy on the fruit cuz my metabolism is terribly slow), 2 teaspoons of this amazing superfood mix that came with my Nutribullet that had chia, goji, cacao and maca (seriously, how do they make this stuff taste so good!), and lots of ice. So filling. In fact, was around a 300 calorie meal. BOOM!

And last but not least, I whipped up some Visalus Pancakes. More of a snack than a meal, and DELICIOUSLY YUMMY.

Bad news is I dont think I quite reached my 1200 calorie goal. I was under it and that’s ok here and there. In general you must aim for at least 1200 calories (or YOUR minimum goal) to keep your metabolism working and burning fat.

Shake(s) of the day: Super chocolate smoothie and Blueberry/raspberry smoothie. IPhone glamour pics below :-)

Visalus chocolate smoothieVisalus blueberry smoothie

The extent of my exercise: Landed 8,000 steps. I meant to get on the treadmill but didn’t. None the less, TODAY is a new day!

How I am feeling: LOTS OF ENERGY! I feel completely committed to my challenge, great energy and looking forward to today! I also learned THREE friends want to jump onboard and lose 10lbs with me, so I am excited about THAT! It is more fun when someone does it with you so you are more accountable. Although I did post this on Facebook but it is not the same. Yay.

Cheated with: Ok so I did have THREE very tiny lemon cookies. You know those girl scout ones. To put it in perspective, one serving is FIVE of them. I only had 3 :(. But it’s all good. Plunging forward. No cheating today!

General notes: I have been with Visalus for over 3 years. I drink my shakes regularly, normally just one a day and typically only for breakfast. HOWEVER, it wasn’t until I officially challenged myself and entered the Project10 that I felt completely committed to my own changes. Now my goals may seem small to you, just 10 lbs, but everyone’s changes are important to THEM. I am not looking for “skinny”. I don’t actually care much about that. I am looking to get back to my normal range (124-127) and maybe adding some lean muscle. And of course, if you watched my Visalus Project 10 video you know I am also going to Cancun this summer. But in general, I feel great, I am excited others are joining me with all different health challenges, and I can’t wait to share everyone’s results. Plus I discovered an awesome Visalus Gluten Free Pancake recipe, so really, how can it get any better than that?

Til the next update!

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For reals, you have GOT to at least try this for yourself! If you are excited and want/need to lose 10 lbs or more, what are you waiting for??? Just 10 lbs is all you gotta do to get some BELIEF that YOU CAN DO THIS. It doesn’t need to the “the 1st” of a “Monday”, come on! You can start anytime. I started on a Tuesday (I know!). And don’t tell too many people but if you are just one of those autoship skeptics (even though ours is completely flexible), that’s ok, I can hook you up with a one time order so you start without ANY pressure (just email me for details).


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