New Vi Promoter Private April Promotion


If you saw this promotion on my Fanpage then,congratulations, this is an EXCITING and interesting offer for THE RIGHT PERSON(s). Here are the details of this promotion and at the bottom of this post is the “why” and “how” to take advantage of this blog should you decide to pursue it:

1- This offer is for folks interested in JOINING Visalus and are able to do so at the $499 Executive level.

2- You MUST enroll via my personal link below so that you are a promoter in my direct organization.

3- This offer is only available to the first FOUR enrollments I receive. This is due to the time I will need to invest to design each of these blogs for each person. If you are considering taking advantage of this promo and would like to MAKE SURE you qualified to get the blog, feel free to send me a private note VIA THE FAN PAGE ( or by posting a comment.

4- This is not available to existing Visalus promoters. Also, note that switching teams is also not allowed.

5- This is NOT a Visalus promotion. This is MY OWN promotion. I am a blog coach and designer (

6- To accept this offer and join my team, first SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE via the FanPage ( to confirm. After we confirm, you can then enroll at

7- Please note, your blog will only be active for you WHILE you are a Visalus distributor on my team. The purpose of it is to help you build your Visalus business.

And here are more personal details about the WHY and the HOW.

So, yes this is a pretty generous promotion. It is worth approximately $1900 and it will customized to YOU and your business. I have built my entire Visalus business online via a blog, and a fanpage by sharing my lifestyle choices with pics of meals, tips, etc… I can teach others to do the same as long as you are open to learning. Definitely blogging is NOT easy and of course you won’t get organic search visitors overnight. However, with the help of social media I can teach you how to bring visitors right away and in due time, they will just find you when they search on Google.

I am a 6 figure earner in the company. I have been here just over 3 years. I have been doing this part time and I am ready to expand my team and do this full time. My goal is to teach others what has worked FOR ME. This way of building is not for everyone, of course. Doing parties at home is obviously more duplicatable and easier to do, and you can do those too to get your business off the ground quick. But I find that for those who may have a passion for blogging, or writing, and have a real interest in helping others through health and nutrition, then blogging MAY BE a great fit for you as well.

This is HOW this promo will work:

Once you are enrolled we will begin our coaching. First, we will focus on all the Vi training you need so you are familiar with the product, the business, the challenge and of course my own private community of over 3 thousand other promoters on Facebook. This is a combination of promoters in my organization, my upline organization and everyone else directly with us. Like I said, I’ve been around for a bit ;-).

Once we have the getting Vi started steps down, we will being our blueprint meetings to get to know more about YOU and start formulating the content strategy for your blog. Blog design is not a simple quick task so I want to make sure you are rocking the business, excited and moving forward before I begin the actual design work. Don’t worry, I have no volume requirements, I just want to make sure we do this right and get you off on the right foot. It does take a few weeks to get all the details and figure out a brand for you. My goal is to have your blog ready to go 30 days after your enrollment. But don’t worry, we will work on advancing your business in the meantime and you will have a chance to peek at the progress along the way ;-).

Wanna see some blogs I’ve built first? Ok, here is one I built for one of my promoters She loves fitness and exercise so this was the perfect brand for her. Remember though, I do the design, but YOU have to do the work and blog on a consistent basis. This part is on you! You see my blog here where you are reading this, and my blog coach business blog is at  This should give you an idea of my work.

If you are ready to do this, April is the month. This offer is open to the first four responders by tomorrow night (Monday April 28th) by midnight. I’d love to have you join us and for sure this is an amazing head start to your business.

If you have any questions, head back over to the fanpage and shoot me a private message! ;-)


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