New Visalus Promoter Systems 2015

We have newer systems as on 2016, come check those out here

I am excited to announce our NEW Visalus Promoter Systems (Visalus Distributor Kits) for 2015!

With the introduction in 2014 of the Vi Snack Bites (the fruit frenzy one is my absolute ADDICTION) and the newest addition to the family Vi Neon Energy®, it was time to update the Vi distributor kits to reflect the latest changes and refresh the samples included.

You will be pleased to know that from the Visalus Basic Promoter Kit to the Visalus Star promoter kit, you will not be disappointed. With three kits to choose from Visalus Basic promoter kit, Visalus Executive promoter kit or Visalus Star promoter kit, YOU can decide for yourself if you want to build a small, medium or HUGE business with Visalus! Now don’t get me wrong, the kit doesn’t MAKE the business (you do), the kit just helps to set you up for with the right tools for the best take off! Nothing beats sharing samples of your product!

Regardless of which Visalus distributor kit you decide to start with, you can always upgrade to the next at anytime! I recommend that if you just want to “check things out” you started with the Basic Visalus distributor kit. If you are looking to build a business and start earning a significant income you choose either the Executive Visalus distributor kit or the Star Visalus distributor kit. What’s the difference? The Start Visalus Distributor kit comes with many more samples. If you can get these into the hands of a LOT of people right away your chances of success will significantly improve!

Which Visalus Distributor Kit do most start with?

The Visalus Executive Promoter System: Why? It comes with enough samples, training and BMW qualifier access. However, if you happen to be an influencer and know a lot of people, then the Visalus Star Distributor kit may be a more reasonable option for you since it will put in your hands enough products to share and really kick start your business.

Check out all three of the Visalus 2015 New Promoter Kits below and if you are interested in pursuing a business with us, you can contact me directly at 602.770.3063, reach out on my Fanpage OR, fill out the form on this website (top right) to receive just what you need to make your decision!

Here are the Visalus Distributor Kits for 2015 and their respective contents:

Visalus Basic Promoter System 2015 Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.10.14 PM


Visalus Executive Promoter System 2015
Visalus Executive Promoter System 2015

Visalus Star Promoter System 2015
Visalus Star Promoter System 2015


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