Peaches and Crunch Vi Shake Recipe

What a concoction! I gotta tell you, it was HARD not to eat this one before I took the picture. I had to have everything setup just right so I could blend the shake, grab the camera, sprinkle the top and snap the photo before anything moved, or rather sunk to the bottom lol. WHEW! But cheers, this one is a beauty (to drink).


1/2 frozen peach slices
5 oz almond milk (with 8oz the consistency is not as thick)
2 scoops Vi Shape mix
1/2 c Vi Crunch Protein Cereal (set about 1 T aside)
1/4 c Plain low fat organic yogurt
A swirl of honey :-)


Set aside the honey and the 1 T of Vi crunch. Blend the rest of the ingredients together until smooth, or to desired consistency (I like it still crunchy). Pour into favorite fancy glass. Sprinkle top with the extra 1 T of Vi Crunch. Add swirl of honey. You might need a spoon to finish this one… Yummy sweet peaches and crunchy clusters of honey galore!

Calories approx 350: 23 g protein, sugar from peach,

Peaches and Vi crunch visalus shake recipe

Photography by Aymee Buckhannon. All rights reserved

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