Pineapple and Greens Visalus Shake Recipe

pineapple-greens visalus shake recipeHere is a little healthy twist to my regular shake choices. I am really happy with it. My husband and I started down the road of a more vegetable based diet. After watching several documentaries, and doing some research, well, we decided to give it a go to see what differences we find in our health.

Of course as with any diet change, you gotta take it slow and try to make sure it aligns with your taste (at least for the most part), and more importantly, your lifestyle. It has to “fit in”, if you would, and you have to like it! (at least I do! lol). So, we have embraced it. Been doing this for just over a month now. As a matter of fact, Cecil (husband) has lost 20lbs by simply switching to this alternative. I am encouraging him to write a blog post about exactly how he did it so look for that coming soon! And it had a lot more going on than just Visalus shakes, however, the shakes were part of the morning routine. More on that once he finishes his post. I will send a note, if you are subscriber here or a fan of my page, with a link to his post.

But I digress…

Here is my new invention (well, new to me). Since we discovered “juicing”, I’ve not only found it amazingly yummy and awesome, but also, a little clean-up nightmare. Yikes. So, in search for an organic, chemical free alternative that could come close to juicing so I can incorporate it more often, I came across organic greens!!! You can find these just about anywhere or at least at your local Whole Foods or Sprouts for sure. Just look for brands with no additives, and I also recommend that it is USDA organic and chemical free! If you wish to know what brand I am personally using, just send me a quick note and I will share it.

Here is my latest “Greens Inspired” Visalus shake recipe:

Pineapple & Greens Vi-Shake

It is really, really tasty and WOW, so healthy! I feel good just knowing I drank that! LOL. See the recipe below the image. Fell free to share, pin and enjoy!!



Pineapple and Greens Vi-shake recipe:

8-10oz unsweetened almond milk
2 scoops of Vi-shake mix
1 slice fresh pineapple (not more cuz pineapple is high in calories!)
1 serving of your favorite “greens” powder (if you don’t have greens, you could try some spinach!)
1/2 cup crushed ice (optional but adds to the taste of the shake cuz of the veggies and also adds thickness)
Blend well and sprinkle with some cinnamon. Garnish too if you wish.

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Some nutrition facts to consider: One slice of pineapple has apprx 40 calories, 10g carbs, 6g sugar and lots of Vitamin C. 

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