Day 1 Project 10: Green Visalus Shake

Visalus Green ShakeDAY 1 on Visalus Project 10 & a Green Visalus Shake


First: Feeling good!

Second: I drink Vi shakes every day so this isn’t going to be too different for me from that perspective. HOWEVER, I don’t consciously work towards any particular weight goal like  I am on this Project 10 challenge. And that’s all it is really, just a personal challenge cuz I have a trip coming up (mini yay!).

That said, I 100% promote, support and recommend healthier choices all year round. It’s just that every once in a while there happens to be that special occasion we simply want to tone up for, or just to reset some lazy days. We all have those, me included. If in general you eat well and can eliminate sugar & wheat from your diet on a regular basis then you are pretty much good to go. Better said than done right? HA!

This is how I started my Day 1: I had two coffees today, although I never finish them all the way cuz they get cold and since I add a little milk I don’t want to let them sit too long. Also, for Mother’s Day this past weekend my kids and husband got me The Bullet 900 Series. No idea how that is different from the 600 series, but maybe it spins faster? I dunno. Now I am no stranger to juicing (LOVE IT) and I also own a Vitamix (go figure), but this one is a lot more compact and I rather enjoy the simplicity of just add a few leafy greens, some other veggies, fruit on top, water to the max line and BLEND.

Today’s concoction was nothing short of extraordinary. Frankly, I didn’t know whether to drink it or break out the corn chips LOL. You will realize why as you see the ingredients HAHA. But it was YUMMY and I had a shake this morning, had a salad for lunch (spring mix, tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, feta cheese, oil and vinegar), and just enjoyed another one of these for what I am sure will just be a snack because it’s too early to stop eating (it’s 5pm here). I am SURE I will want dinner!

In addition, I will probably have to get on that treadmill and fast walk about 2 miles tonight. I aim for 10k steps a day and if I fall short, I get on that thing and crank them out. My fitbit keeps me accountable and I’ve added a handful of friends that harass me often enough to keep up! :-)

Ok now off to a band concert for my son. Will be back with another update soon and some yummy MEAL recipes (without shakes. A girl’s gotta eat!).

So here is my rendition of a Green Visalus Shake

Imagine you are stacking these into a 20oz container like the one that comes with the Nutri Bullet

Stuff some spring greens first

1/2 cucumber peeled and diced

about 8 cherry tomatoes

1/4 avocado diced

a small bunch of cilantro

1/4 lime peeled

Blend well then add 2 scoops of shake mix with a bunch of ice. Blend again.

Here the BEFORE and AFTER pics of that mix :-)

Visalus green shake

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