INTRODUCING Vi-Shape Superfood Shake ®

6 Superfoods:
Chia - Flaxseed - Pea
Chickpea - Quinoa - Pinto Bean

Nutritional Powerhouse:

165 Calories per serving
17g Plant Protein
 7g Fiber with Prebiotics
 25 Vitamins & Minerals
   9 Essential Amino Acids (All!)
   0 Allergens
1B CFU's Probiotic
Plus, Omegas 3&6 Essential Fatty Acids

Vegan . Non GMO . Soy-Free . Kosher . Dairy Free . Gluten Free

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How To Lose Weight On The Body By Vi Program

Disclaimer: I am NOT a nutritionist nor should this post be taken as professional advice. Please consult with your doctor before starting ANY health and nutrition program that you have questions about. So, do the Body by Vi shakes work?…In my time with Visalus (just over a year), I have found that many folks COMPLETELY

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