INTRODUCING Vi-Shape Superfood Shake ®

6 Superfoods:
Chia - Flaxseed - Pea
Chickpea - Quinoa - Pinto Bean

Nutritional Powerhouse:

165 Calories per serving
17g Plant Protein
 7g Fiber with Prebiotics
 25 Vitamins & Minerals
   9 Essential Amino Acids (All!)
   0 Allergens
1B CFU's Probiotic
Plus, Omegas 3&6 Essential Fatty Acids

Vegan . Non GMO . Soy-Free . Kosher . Dairy Free . Gluten Free

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Pineapple and Greens Visalus Shake Recipe

Here is a little healthy twist to my regular shake choices. I am really happy with it. My husband and I started down the road of a more vegetable based diet. After watching several documentaries, and doing some research, well, we decided to give it a go to see what differences we find in our

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