The New Vi Vegan Shake Superfood

Vi-Shape Superfood Vegan ShakeVisalus introduces a new Vegan Shake option to its lineup: Vi-Shape Superfood Vegan Shake

…and I will be the first to admit that the nutritional value of this one far exceeds the previous one. Whether you are Vegan or not, THIS will likely be a substantially more nutritional alternative to your daily routine. Here is the low-down on the new Vi Vegan Superfood Shake and how to order yours at the bottom.

The Vi-Shape Superfood Shake is a meal replacement shake mix that features a proprietary Super 6 plant-based protein blend to provide a nutritious, satisfying, deliciously balanced meal for total body nutrition. This nutrient-dense superfood shake mix is designed to be suitable for almost anyone, including those on vegetarian or vegan diets when mixed with non-dairy milk. It is perfect for those who want to be fi t and live a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Is Vi-Shape Superfood Shake artificially sweetened? No. Our Superfood Shake is naturally sweetened!

The Vi Superfood Shake provides 17g of Super 6 protein, which is a premium proprietary blend of plant-based proteins, and comes in a great-tasting vanilla flavor. This is a vegan formula. So when it comes to taste, let’s just say that we believe we’ve found the secret to creating a tasty vegan shake! The Super 6 protein blend combines medium and slow release proteins, so it’s especially great for providing a steady supply of nutrients to your body over a longer period of time. The Superfood Shake also provides prebiotics, probiotics (1 billion CFUs), and a heart-smart omega 3 & 6 blend. With no major allergens, it’s an excellent premium option for those with restrictive diet preferences, or someone who only accepts the ultimate in total body nutrition.

The new Vi Superfood Shake is:

♥ Vegan
♥ Non GMO
♥ Soy-Free
♥ Kosher
♥ Dairy Free
♥ Gluten Free

The 6 Vi Shake SuperFoods included in the Vi Shake are:

Vi Superfood Vegan Shake

Chia . Flaxseed . Pea . Chickpea . Quinoa . Pinto Bean

The nutritional components of Vi Superfood Vegan Shake are:

✔ 165 calories per serving
✔ 17grams of plant protein
✔ Fiber with prebiotics
✔ 25 vitamins and minerals
✔ all 9 essential amino acids
✔ 0 allergens
✔ 1B CPUs probiotics
✔ Omegas 3 & 6 essential fatty acids


Vi Superfood Shake Downloads:

Vi Superfood Nutritional Fact Sheet
Vi Superfood FAQs

How to Order the New Vi Superfood Vegan Shake. I have two options to offer you:

1- Visit my Vi shopping cart 1) Scroll briefly to find the BUY NOW blue button, 2) select your country and 3) find the new vi Superfood shake under the CUSTOM KIT option or by clicking on the “Add New Products” button towards the bottom. Hopefully these Vi Vegan shakes will be brought more front and center in the shopping cart soon. Once that happens I will update these directions. 

2- If you don’t wish to go through my Vi cart, send me an email and I will be happy to ship this to you directly. You must have Paypal so I can invoice you. In your email include your name, address and what you wish to purchase. I will confirm your choices via email with an invoice and will ship the items to you once paid. Email me at

New Vi Vegan Shake

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