The New Visalus Menu & Challenge Kits

Visalus has a new and more convenient way of serving our customers. I am really excited about this because it was quite difficult (impossible?) to put together a Vi meal plan of products for a customer without being stuck with EXTRA products you didn’t really want or need inside your kit. Of course, not saying all our Vi products aren’t AWESOME but, it is not a one size fits all solution. Everyone has different goals, needs and preferences.

Now Vi offers an a la carte menu WITH savings breaks too so that you can tailor your 90 Day Challenge to the Vi products you want. And guess what? Whatever it is that you add to your order COUNTS towards VIP Points should you decide you want to be a Vi VIP Rewards customer with us. All that means is that we used to only offer points and free products if you were on a particular challenge kit. But NOW, you get points REGARDLESS of which products you are consuming as long as you are a VIP Rewards client. What are points? Check out how to get Vi Points and get your product at a discount or free every month.

So, here is an image below of what the shopping cart looks like now. It is broken down into Vi meals, Vi snacks, Vi drinks, and Vi supplements. It also features our popular Vi weight loss kits for those who are already familiar with the results these can offer (plus these featured kits offer you an additional 15% discount and free shipping). But you will also see it is broken down into additional section options in case you just want one or two bags of one of the shake mixes, or the cereal, or one of each. Or maybe you want a Vi shake bag and some Go energy. Or Vi Shape and Neon and a snack. I don’t know, LOL, but my point is you can MIX AND MATCH and STILL save some money when you place your order as a monthly order (which by the way you can edit at anytime, or even cancel. No contracts).

This is a snapshot of what the new Visalus ordering looks like now:

Vi new Menu 2016

ARE YOU READY TO START YOUR CHALLENGE? Feel free shoot me a quick TEXT here 602 770 3063 if you have any questions about WHICH product to order for YOUR health goals. I am happy to send you back some recommendations so you don’t get anything you don’t need and get the best results!

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