The Shake Store

The Shake Store


You can order your shakes 3 ways:

1- Via my Visalus website directly. Just scroll and click the Buy Now button (All available markets)

2- OR shopping through my blog shop (one time orders) here (US only)

3- OR by sending me an email at (US/CANADA paypal only)



1- If you have placed an order in the last few days, please know that your order is being processed and shipped as we speak. There are no impacts to customer service or production at all and I am still managing my Visalus business as usual. If you are concerned at all, visit my Fan Page and connect with me there or feel free to call me at the number above.

2- If you visited The Shake Store link to place an order or to maybe re-order, please send me a quick email instead and I will assist you in placing your next order without an autoship. You are also welcome to call me instead.

3- WHY did I remove The Shake Store cart? I decided to remove the retail shopping cart option because the majority of my clients found it much more economical to buy Visalus shakes wholesale by becoming a preferred customer since you can take advantage of tons of online tools, meals and prizes when you do that.

It does involve creating an account with an autoship, however, you can adjust this conveniently online at your leisure BEFORE your next shipment date anytime you want, including skipping months, changing your order or canceling altogether (note: canceling does require a quick call to Visalus). So, with the account management flexibility, the lower wholesale price and the added benefits, it just made more sense to go that route. Buy Visalus shakes wholesale here . That link will take you to my personal distributor website.

Remember though, you may still contact me directly if you wish to place a one time order.

Since you are at my blog, feel free to look around, grab some recipes for your next shake or meal and definitely connect with me on my FanPage for more fun shares!