Vi Crunch Cereal New Visalus Product

Visalus crunch cereal. Visalus new product

The moment the entire Visalus community has been anxiously waiting for, what will the new Visalus products be???


But don’t be fooled by the looks. Although it looks like cereal and it tastes DELICIOUS. Vi Crunch is actually a new delivery method for our already insanely effective VI-SHAKE. We call it SHAKE IN A FLAKE!

Here are the ingredients of Vi Crunch Cereal (our Weight loss Crunch):

Visalus Crunch ingredients

As you can see it is a wonderful new weight loss addition product to your 90 Day Challenge. Gives your challenge variety for taking your shakes. So you can now alternate between drinking your shake or chewing your shake. You can even add some mix-ins to your Visalus Crunch with Vi CRUNCH FUSIONS, which also contain Dr’s Ozs Coffee bean weight loss sensation! Chocolate macadamia nut and berry mix.

Visalus Crunch Fusions

How can you order your Vi Crunch Cereal? During our pre-launch which lasts thru August 31st, you can only ADD your Visalus Crunch to an existing challenge kit. That means you must have ONE challenge kit on file to add the Vi Crunch Cereal to. There is a reduced cost combo option available so you can save some money until August 31st. Shipping is free til then and all orders will ship end of August.

So, you must ADD the Vi Crunch Cereal to your EXISTING challenge kit from your customer or promoter back office.

Or, if you don’t have a challenge kit on file, you must then first ADD ONE, then you will be able to add on the Vi Crunch Cereal to it.

After the pre-launch, the Vi Crunch Cereal will be part of a Challenge kit which will become available to order just like our regular challenge kits. But not until after the pre-launch.

So, you can go to your back office if you are already in the system, or consider becoming a preferred visalus customer today or a new visalus promoter. As a promoter this would be a GREAT opportunity to ride the wave of the newest innovation in the breakfast industry. This is a giant step in innovation. Cereal has not been innovated in 100 years. if you were waiting for something new to start your entrepreneurial foot print, this may be the knock you were waiting for! (to become a customer click JOIN THE CHALLENGE, to be a promoter click PROMOTE THE CHALLENGE)

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