Vi Kids Gummy Multi Vitamin: Chewy Healthy Vitamins Your Kids Will Eat

Vi Gummies: Chewy Healthy Multi Vitamins Your Kids Will Eat

Visalus introduced a new category to its product line with Vi Gummy Vitamins: chewable vitamins for kids (and adults too). I had the chance to taste these at the Chicago convention and they were very good. I would say they taste like skittles.

I don’t know about your kids, but mine, even though they do have a pretty flexible palate when it comes to food, when it comes to vitamins? ZERO. The best I have been able to do are Costco chewables, which actually aren’t bad. I started with Mercola’s best of the best (ingredients), but like I always say to people, it really does not matter how OPTIMAL the ingredients are, if you can’t bring yourself to swallow it on a regular basis then it won’t do you any good. And well, vitamins have been a bit of a struggle. Not awful, they will take them, but let’s just say they are not reminding me when I forget.

When Visalus introduced these the Vi kids vitamins I figured they would just be “ok”. Or the usual, I would love them but my kids wouldn’t. Have you had that happen yet? You think it tastes amazing and your kids think you are cray cray? LOL. That’s my life. But oh no, the kids really, really enjoy taking these so even though they are a couple bucks more than what we are spending today ($24), those $4 bucks are TOTALLY WORTH IT because now they will be reminding ME to give them their vitamins!!! And, I sneak some myself. 1 or 2 can’t hurt right?

Vi Kids multi-vitamins are specially formulated for kids.


vi kids multi vitamins


Here is what you get and what you DON’T GET (really important) from Vi Kids Vitamins:

Vi Kids Vitamins


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