Vi Superfood Shake Recipe: Tropical Frenzy

Vi Superfood Shake Recipe

I saw someone on Instagram (@klara.ix) post a beautiful picture of a bunch of fresh fruits as she was ready to make a smoothie herself… and so I got inspired to make one too!! This one is more intended for weight loss so I didn’t use TOO much fruit, but enough to make it just decadent! And I am using the Vi Superfood shake mix so it is Vegan, Gluten free and chock full of natural superfood ingredients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and of course, protein!

What’s there not to love right? I call this:

Vi Superfood Tropical Frenzy Smoothie

12 oz of water (makes a LOT of shake BUT gives it the perfect consistency)
2 scoops of Vi Superfood shake mix (You could use Vi Shape mix instead or even your own vanilla based powder)
1/4 c approx of frozen mango (about 5-6 bite size chunks)
1/4 c approx of frozen pineapple (also about 5-6 bite size chunks)
4-5 regular strawberries (berries are lower in calories so you can be generous here)

Add all to blender and blend well. I like to top mine with tiny pieces of each fruit to eat later and also for aesthetic purposes. :-)

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