Vi Superfood Shake Recipe

Vi Superfood shake recipe

Photography by Aymee Buckhannon | All Rights Reserved

I confess I wasn’t all the sure I was going to dig the Vi Superfood shake. I mean seriously, it’s Vegan and way too many natural healthy ingredients for that mix to render anything delicious. And you know what, I stand corrected. I REALLY REALLY love it! I love the Vi Shape too but heck, if I can throw all this goodness into my body for breakfast I think I’m winning as far as I am concerned.

Although I hear some folks don’t prefer it straight up. I like mixing it up a bit myself so here is my favorite Vi Superfood recipe blend for ya.

“The Secret Ingredient Vi SuperFood Chocolate Smoothie”

(Note: NOT VEGAN AS PREPARED BELOWSee Vegan option at the bottom)

Protein: 30g (right???)

8 oz cold water
2 scoops Vi Superfood shake
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt (extra protein kick. Look for one with less than 7g sugar)
1 packet of chocolate mixin (or you could use any other healthy chocolate powder, about 1/2 T)
The secret ingredient: 1/4 small-medium gala apple. NO idea why this changes the taste so radically but it does and it’s delicious
1/2 cup crushed ice

Blend well and enjoy!

Vegan Option: Do not use Greek Yogurt. Tastes just as good with just less protein that’s all.

Vi Vegan Shake Recipe, Vi Superfood Shake Recipe

PS: I have added this one to the Shop for a one time order or get it at the Vi Store (scroll and click the Buy Now button).

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